Monday, April 1, 2013

1978 Article: The Girls Of Star Trek

The trashy publication "Star Warp" magazine was noted for its generic spaceship paintings on the cover, the cheap paper and sloppy layout, among other detractions (traits shared by all the titles put out by by exploitation publisher Myron Fass)... but I bought it from time to time nevertheless, if it had an interesting article (like this earlier post on Nichelle Nichols). This was when the internet was hardly a dream in some tech nerd's eye, and one got a fix wherever one could. This issue was printed in June of 1978, and I bought it since it had a Star Trek article in it, and I was never one to pass up a Trek article. The article itself, on the luscious ladies of Trek, is just fine... written as it was by author Allen Asherman, a name familiar to me from other, better magazines like "Starlog" and the Star Trek Poster magazine. He must have been slumming here and needed a few extra bucks, but he sure knows his Trek. The paper is so yellow because the pulp used in it was only one grade above raw pine bark used for flower bed mulch, and has not aged well.

(Click on images to enlarge; once open you may have to click it again to view full size.)

Bonus: since a couple of the photos in the article straddled the two pages, I am presenting them to you below in their complete form.

Spock's date for the evening realized she was not going to have the same fun as her other friends.

Bonus #2: Some nice photos of several of the ladies featured in the article. Below is Angelique Pettyjohn, decked out as Shaunna in a photo that was taken after the series, as she appeared at conventions in character. Beneath that, Yvonne Craig (TV's Batgirl) as Marta.

Bonus link: Here is an artist's page that has a number of drawings of Trek women:


-Warren Zoell said...

Angelique Pettyjohn died of cervical cancer in 1992. She was a babe.

Frederick said...

It was tragic, I agree. I don't like to mention too many sad things on the site, but it was worth mentioning for readers that didn't know it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Allan Asherman article! Big name in fandom.
Tip to bypass yellowed paper: set your scanner for "B&W Document." Results will range from fair to gorgeous; scans can even come out looking like brand new B&W pages. --JohnG7

Frederick said...

I have done that before, and even very recently... but I realized that in most cases I actually preferred the real color, yellowed pages and all. It seemed to carry with it the age of the magazine and reproduced what it would look like if one owned it. If it gets too bad, I will do that in some cases. but generally, I will run it as is, jaundice and all.