Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Leonard Nimoy Demonstrates Magnavision LaserDisc Player

Forget Blu-Ray or watching movies on your iPad and such, for the absolute height of cutting-edge video technology, one must absorb this 1981 demonstration of the Magnavision LaserDisc Player by Leonard Nimoy! (Aside from the player, where can I get an intelligent crystal lifeform that communicates in beeps like R2-D2?)

Bonus: another YouTube video, this time from 1966 during early interviews with Shatner and Nimoy in full makeup and costume. What a find!

Bonus: another version of a familiar pose, from an early promotional photoshoot of Nimoy as Spock, taken before the production of the second pilot.


panickyguy said...

Uncanny resolution! It's almost as if ABBA were right there in the room!!! I'm chucking Blu-ray and making the Magnavision scene.

Frederick said...

It's the only logical thing to do.

Anonymous said...

I'd say this was after the second pilot, judging by Nimoy's collar. Thank for these amazing posts and photographs!

David Landon said...

Of course he understands the beep-language of a hunk of sentient crystal. He's Leonard Nimoy!

Frederick said...

No doubt mind-melding with the Horta gave him an insight into the language of rocks!