Monday, April 22, 2013

1986 Article: The Writers of Star Trek

From the 20th Anniversary Celebration issue of Starlog, published in November of 1986 (see the cover here), comes this article on a couple of writers of the original show. The pages feature two rare publicity photos of the guest stars from a couple of the episodes.

(Click on images to enlarge; once open you may have to click again to view full size.)

Bonus: a full-page ad from June 1992 issue of The Official Fan Club magazine with James Doohan in costume as Scotty advertising the QVC show that he was a guest host on. Did you order anything from this program?

Bonus: A publicity photo of Nimoy taken during the filming of the episode "Where No Man Has Gone Before." Nimoy's high collar was different from the other costumes, made with snaps on each side so that it could be put on and taken off without messing up his makeup.


Bonus: more of the promised TOS original novel covers, this time from "The Abode Of Life," published in May of 1982. The cover art by "Rowena" was from the TMP era, but with brown cowboy boots rather then the built-in footy-pajama type. Also, that pulp-inspired raygun is about as far away from a phaser as one can get. I know some of my readers get a kick out of this non-regulation art, because it came from a time before the Trek merchandise became more tightly controlled. But at the time it just made me scratch my head and wonder why they couldn't get things like this right.


David Landon said...

Love that old-school cover art! I agree with you; back when these books were originally released, it annoyed me that the artists couldn't get the details right, but now I look back on them with nostalgia.

Mark Noce said...

I love Star Trek:) Great pics from TOS :)

Rob Bignell said...

Thanks for the sharing the Starlog article. By '86, I'd given up on Starlog (loved it in the 70s though!), but this article actually provided some and tidbits I hadn't heard before! Great, rare still photos from the episodes, too!

Rob Bignell said...

Actually, I think my favorite part of that book cover is the old school price label! Just downloaded this book on my Kindle!

Steve Schnier said...

Hello! Great blog.

My name is Steve Schnier. Just a note to let you know that my wife and I sent a model of STAR TREK’s U.S.S. Enterprise into near-space via weather balloon. The payload reached a height of 95,568’ and hit a top speed of 63 knots or 117 km/hr.

The model was launched from Stayner, Ontario (90 minutes North of Toronto) and was recovered from a remote island in Georgian Bay. It was supposed to travel South towards Toronto - but I miscalculated and it went due North. I should have paid more attention in Math Class.

Video Link:

Best regards,

Frederick said...

Steve, thanks for sharing! That is so neat!

Anonymous said...

so....STID. whatcha think Fred?

Frederick said...

What is this "STID" you refer to? :) Seriously, though, although I was disappointed that it turned out to be ****, the movie was entertaining enough and I enjoyed it. Lots of good things in it, and I would rather see these actors recreating the TOS roles than them trying to do something else.

Anonymous said...


as discussed on a post way back on here about who the villain would be (Joachim or Khan) i was hoping right until the end there would be yet another big twist where we find out he was actually Joachim and Khan is still in a cryo pod - e.g. as the film is ending Raiders style the camera pans from Benedict Cumerbatchs villain over to the next cryo pod - we see the unmistakable features of 1967 'Space Seed' Richardo Montalbán....

then as we pull back we see the Botany Bay space ship behind the pods

The End

all played out to the opening minute of Horner 'Khans Pets' music from TWOK:

Frederick said...

You are so right... it would have been better that way. But they were playing to the non-Trekker audience, and most of them would have been "Who's Joachim?"

But in my mind, it WAS him, not Khan. It just makes more sense that way, and they even resemble each other.

Anonymous said...

of course theres the possibility that in Trek 3 we will learn that BC wasnt Khan (just saying he was) he would be in one of the 72 cyro pods (BC would be just saying he is khan to fool starfleet - like the way Ras Al Goold fooled batman -the Nolan batman influence in nuTrek)

another scenario i was expecting/hoping for while watching the film was a Terminator 4 style ending - we find out BC is Joachim (who has been passing himself off as Khan) and has actually been searching for the real Khan. makes his way to the secret Area 51/Section 31 place in San Fran where he knows Khan is being kept and for the climax we see Khan waking up like the engineer in Prometheus - leading to a Khan rampage with CG Richardo Montalban (like CG Arnie in T4) before hes killed along with Harrison/Joachim, (or just defeated and put back in storage)

hed have been like this omnious threat in the background from the last half hour or so as we realise harrison isnt Khan but Joachim and his been attempting to find where his master is the whole Marcus didnt dare to revive Khan as he too dangerous so he woke Joachim and got him to do stuff. and we'd have seen what Joachim could do so Khan wouldve been even worse/more powerful than him...and when Joachim eventually revives him the *beep* hits the fan until Spock manages to defeat them both somehow (Qunito vs 'Montalban' like Bale v 'Arnie')

Christopher T. Shields said...

What I find hilarious is that the artists often took toy guns and used those as reference for "real" guns in their artwork. In this case, the artist took the Kusan "Sonic Fazer", a somewhat popular 1980 electronic toy that had nothing to do with ST, and put it in Kirk's hand. It's the instant you realize that Kirk is holding a child's toy from 1980 that totally destroys the artwork ... and makes it so great at the same time.

Star trek into darkness Complete Movie HD said...
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Frederick said...

thanks for supplying that interesting information! I guess to the artist, a "fazer" was as good as a phaser, and who cares? :) Probably thought they were the same.