Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Birthday, Grace!

Happy Birthday to Grace Lee Whitney! As Janice Rand, she got a raw deal, unceremoniously booted to make room for other women in Kirk's life, but she will always be there in the earlier episodes for us to enjoy. Below, some nice photos showing the progression of her look; first, from before the series started, one of  a large number of promotional photos, this time in a costume left over from "The Cage" and featuring her with her long blonde hair let down.  View some of the earlier posts featuring Grace here, as there are more good photos.

And below, Grace as Rand as we saw her in the series, basket weave intact. Saucy!

Below, a headshot from "The Motion Picture."

Bonus link: reader Jim Fourniadis sent me this link to a Youtube video that you may get a kick out of, here it is with his message:

I thought you might enjoy. It was a promo clip for our live stage production Of The Way to Eden, and its set to Gil Scott Heron's The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.

-Jim Fourniadis

Funny! I'd like to see more of the stage production at some time. Thanks, Jim!


ProvidenceMine said...

It's always been amazing to me just how much Rand is forgotten in much of the professional works and fan fiction of Star Trek! There's so much potential for her character!

Also, I personally believe that the sexual tension between her and Kirk was far more interesting than the gratuitous(mostly) romances Kirk had that followed after Rand was written off the show!

Frederick said...

Thanks for the comment. It is interesting reading about the situation in the books "Inside Star Trek" and "These Are the Voyages: Season One." I agree with you, but I can see how they wouldn't want Kirk to look unfaithful to someone that loves him on the ship with all the other romances and dalliances. But it was an unceremonious dump that could have been handled much better. For example, showing the tension and the pain that she felt, ending with a dramatic transfer off the ship, or a great death scene. She at least deserved that much.