Monday, June 1, 2009

How Shatner Saved Star Trek 2

(Click on images to view in Shatner-ego sized scans!)

The Shat sporting a cool car, neckerchief and hairpiece.
Clipped from the Star, April 27, 1982. Although written in the typically inflammatory style of the tabloids, which exaggerate the slightest of problems, Shatner's ego shines through as he describes how he "single-handedly saved the franchise." I think that honor can go to Nick Meyer, Bill.
"Star Trek 2: The Wrath Of Kelley"

Bill's tendency to steal lines finally caught up with him.

Below, a headline from a 1981 photo that probably brought knowing chuckles to the rest of his co-stars.

Below are a couple of bonus pictures of the good captain for you to enjoy.

"Sure, I might be a bit self-centered, maybe even egotistical... but dang, I look good and you know it!"

What you don't see in this cozy shot is the knife Nichelle is holding behind his back.

Below is a 10-10-97 Robotman strip (I loved this comic, it was so full of genre references) that shows why Kirk-Fu is not effective for use in real-life, especially by nerdly wimps.

Below is an interesting autographed still from very early in 1966 during the filming of "Mudd's Women." Author and self-proclaimed god among mortals Harlan Ellison in a rare moment of jovial goodwill, before he began his Trek-hatred diatribe when Gene had the NERVE to re-write a script of his to make it more suitable for the show. We all know that story, don't we?

Bill grabs a handful of man-boob in honor of Harlan's besting him in ego size, if not in stature.

I've just been informed about, and invited to join, a new photo group on Flickr that I think my readers would find very interesting. The photo above comes from this group, named "Lincoln Enterprises Acquisitions," and it's at:

Here's the description: "This group is to showcase memorabilia acquired from Gene Roddenberry's company Lincoln Enterprises (originally known as "Star Trek Enterprises"), a mail-order catalog company started by Gene Roddenberry and Majel Barrett in 1967 as a subsidiary of the Norway Corporation. Lincoln Enterprises is still in business and specializes in memorabilia pertaining to Star Trek. Currently, the company is headed by Gene & Majel's son Eugene Roddenberry, Jr. and run through the appropriately-named RODDENBERRY.COM website.

In the 1970s they offered merchandise related to other exceptional series such as Kung Fu, SEARCH, and the television projects created by Gene Roddenberry such as Genesis II, Questor, Earth II, and Spectre. "

Check it out!

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