Saturday, February 13, 2010

1974 article: The Monsters of Star Trek

This time I bring out of the collection cabinet issue #4 of "Monster Fantasy" magazine, published August 1974. This magazine was on the lower end of the monster mag quality spectrum; a step above "Quasimodo's Monster Magazine," but not by much. One aspect that contributed to that view was the cheap paper stock it was printed on, which greatly affects the quality of the photos, as you can see below. But the cover had some nice sci-fi artwork!

We're looking at the article on "The Monsters of Star Trek," which was another way the show set itself apart from most other sci-fi programs... notably the Irwin Allen shows, where a monster was a monster, to be feared and destroyed. On Trek, it was usually a matter of understanding and respecting the life-form that only seemed monstrous to us.

Below, from the back of the same magazine, a full-page ad for the Trek models, which will bring back memories for any fan of the time.

There was a book published on this same topic as this article, that of monsters, the cover for which you can view here.

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