Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spock Speaks! 1976 Nimoy Interview

Wow, what a year 1976 was in my Trekker memories! I was living in Ft. Lauderdale, FL at the time, and the comic book/collectable store "Starship Enterprises" was my main source for genre material not found anywhere else. One of the items that they carried was the British publication "TV Sci-Fi Monthly," an excellent newspaper-format magazine printed on glossy paper, similar to the Trek poster magazines (which I'll be covering in the future also). This time we're looking at a Leonard Nimoy interview from Issue #7.
(Click on images to view full-size.)

"Once I smiled a smile so rare..."

Below, one of the neat graphic features that the magazine often included; they would use the new "Starfleet Technical Manual" as a reference and create color images of the weapons, ships, equipment and other items; this time they illustrate the flags of the various Federation civilizations. Update: to view an article from this same issue on the series "UFO," go to my other blog "Fantastic Flashbacks!"

Bonus: Below, another item purchased at the Starship Enterprises store in Ft. Lauderdale; one of the cards put out at the time by Random House. This time it features a punch-out phaser. I suppose (if you are very bored) you could print out the images from here on card stock and then cut out the images to make your own! Once completed, the phaser features exciting wiggling action as the nozzle moves when you press the trigger. Wow!

Bonus #2: Below you will find a particularly fetching pose of Janice Rand, in a large-format image; perfect for printout and hanging on the wall to admire! This lovely Yeoman is well-known for her value as bridge eye-candy, and resourcefulness in creative ways to serve hot coffee, even in power-conservation situations. Interests include walking on beaches, weaving her own wigs, and having her legs looked at (ideally, all at the same time).

"Can you see my legs in the shot? Cause I totally want the picture to show them off."

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Andi said...

"I'm not Spock!" ... "I'd like to be independent of him."

Hehehe... but you will be Spock forever and you can't be independent of him because you're our Spock, dear Mr. Nimoy :-)

(Hi, Fred,
Sorry for my strange comment but I LOVE him! :-)

Frederick said...


And then years later he writes a book titled "I Am Spock."

Guess he realised by that time that he couldn't get away from it!

Andi said...

Yes, I know and I've already looked for these two books in the library just somebody has taken them out. I suppose they're popular books :-)

Anonymous said...

Fred, that's a magnificent, hugetastic Janice Rand scan! Amazing quality. I hope you scan some Bionic Woman material for the Flashbacks blog; that would be much to my liking too. --JohnG7

Doug said...

I'm a big enough geek that I'd be interested in the Doctor Who article, too. Any chance you could scan that as well, either here or on one of your other blogs?



Bill Wayne said...

This is a most excellent blog! One of the best I have ever seen on star trek! I really enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing and feel free to visit me back :)

Jackie T said...

I had that edition of Scr Fi Monthly and I lost it. I've recently been loooking everywhere for it, with no luck. thank you SO much!! Now I've got it back. You are a treasure!!

Frederick said...

John and Doug,

Thanks for the suggestions, I will do it soon! I am already posting the UFO series article on Fantastic Flashbacks in a few minutes.

Jay said...

Grace Lee Whitney is 100% class.

Patrick J said...

Andi - I bought both Nimoy's "I Am Spock" and the Bob Justman/Herb Solow book "Inside Star Trek" in hard cover back in 1999. On the discount rack in Walden Books. Apparently they were out of print even back then; I don't ever recall seeing them in paperback. (I came to this blog just recently. Better late than never, I guess).