Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shatner, Doohan in British TV commercial

I found this video while exploring the net for Trek material I hadn't seen before, and I sure hadn't seen this one or anything like it! It looks to have been made after Star Trek VI, when TNG was on the air, (or at least while the first TNG movie was being made) since Scotty is in the Enterprise D Engineering room. Enjoy!

Loved that the transporter accident put Kirk's head on the female cadet's body... which he seems to enjoy a little too much! And hearing Shatner use British slang; "I don't need a brolly, you wally!" Which in English would be "I don't need an umbrella, you idiot!" Funny stuff.

Update: thanks to some comments, we have narrowed it down to 1989-1990. I would have thought it was a bit later, due to the digital effects in the head-replacement bit, but I guess they could do a good job back then as well!


Jay said...

Since Shatner is in the "bomber jacket" in that commercial, I have always assumed it was shot during the making of Star Trek V, as Shatner never wore it before or since, and because the TNG engine room set wasn't used at all in Trek V and thus wouldn't have been redressed to look any different (as it was, marginally, for Star Trek VI).

Just my two cents. Its fun to see more non-feature footage from the movie era.

Frederick said...


Good thinking! You are probably right about the time frame.

Stuart Wilson said...

This was definately shown on British TV during 1989/1990. I remember watching it when I was still at school!!

Frederick said...


Thanks for narrowing it down for us! That does put it after "The Final Frontier" and before "The Undiscovered Country." Jay was right!