Saturday, February 20, 2010

1986 "Star" article on "The Voyage Home"

Today's post is a scan of an article on "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home," saved from the "Star" tabloid paper, published September 30, 1986. This two-page spread took four scans to capture and then (roughly) photoshop back together into one page. Just sayin'.
(Click on image to enlarge.)

Bonus: Below, mother and son share an affectionate moment in a family photo.

Bonus #2: Below you will find another in the series of Star Trek greeting cards put out in 1976 by Random House. I've added a tag for "Greeting Card" to the sidebar in case you ever want to view all the posts with the cards included as bonuses.

The inside of the card:

And finally, the last bonus item: below is the next edition of "Trek Talk" from "The Monster Times," issue 36, published in August 1974. (You may view other posts with this feature by looking for it in the "tags" section on the bar to the right.)


panickyguy said...

The Aug '74 article only slightly precedes the time when I became a fan. Amazing that they were already buzzing about doing a reunion movie. Interesting to note Joan Winston's name. Her excellent book "Star Trek Lives" served to introduce me to the history of the show in summer '75. What a happy memory. I love this blog!

Frederick said...


thanks for commenting! Glad you are enjoying these flashbacks. That book was a favorite of mine at the time also, written as it was by a trio of fans that loved the show as much as I did.

Jackie T said...

Star Trek Lives was THE book which told me about the world of Fandom out there. I found the book in a local bookshop and read most of it standing in the shop during lunch breaks before eventually spending hard earned pennies on it. It was a revelation from start to finish. And here I am, ????? years later! Thanks again for the blog

panickyguy said...

Frederick and Jackie,

Yes, wasn't that just the greatest book? I remember sitting up very late reading it. It provided my first window into Trek beyond simply viewing the episodes...and left me desperately wanting to attend a convention or join a club.