Monday, June 29, 2009

1976 TV Sci-Fi Monthly article: Kirk's Story

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The British publication "TV Sci-Fi Monthly" was a newspaper-format magazine printed on glossy, heavy-weight paper that added a real element of class, as well as durability. This article was scanned from my copy of issue #7, from 1976. (Of course, these are the life and times of the original Kirk, not the alternate universe one in the new movie. And notice I didn't say "alternate timeline." I loved the movie, but I don't believe for a second they came out in their own past.)

Page two is below, and it consists of a picture I'd never seen before, nor since, and that's been over 30 years. This magazine very often used photos not seen in American publications.

"I think this is my best side, don't you?"

Bonus: Below, another of the rare 1967 Leaf trading cards, this time featuring one of the most unusual poses and also the most baffling caption. Whoever made up the captions just wasn't trying very hard, and randomly made up stuff with no connection to the actual circumstances depicted. But "raspberries"? Someone had hit the weed too heavily on lunch break... this was the 60's, after all. However, in their defense, I'd have been as confused over what was happening in the picture also.

"Oh, Janice... this came out of my nose. Would you be a good yeoman and get rid of it for me?"

I chose this post to add the card above as a bonus mostly because of the similarity of Shatner's atypical "lifted-chin" poses. There are many more funny captions I could come up with for this picture, but that would take away your fun! So go for it, in the comments section!


Jay said...

I'vwe never seen that image before. Makes you wonder how many other never-or-rarely-seen shots are floating around out there, 40 years on.

Spacerguy said...

Janice: "My what big hands you have."
Kirk "Would you like to please your captain, yeoman?"
Janice: "I thought you'd never ask!" beams Rand starry eyed.
Kirk "Follow me, my little petal. I have something really special for your eyes only."
Janice "Oh Goody Goody, Captain. Is it round and red? I just love raspberries...."
Kirk smiles with an evil glint in his eye.