Friday, June 5, 2009

ST:TMP Prop article from Starlog

(Click on images to increase magnification.)

For your enjoyment today, an article scanned from Issue 47 of the sadly now-defunct Starlog, published June 1981. What were you doing in the summer of 1981?

Bonus #1: Below, a local ad in TV Guide for the weekday reruns, from June 23, 1986, clipped while I lived in Beckley, WV.
Bonus #2: Below, Shatner takes a tumble on his motorcycle... but the funny thing is how cool and collected he is doing it. It's like "hey, I actually meant to do that... to... demonstrate... the correct way... to fall from a bike." I know that the people on this blog will totally dig this picture! It's really just for them.


Jay said...

Mmmmmm that's the good stuff, sir. That props article is like Star Trek nerd heroin.

Nick said...

That Shatner picture is hilarious.

While I'm not the biggest TMP fan, it's really fun to read to the articles from the period. I can always count on this page for a fun look back. :)

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I remember that Starlog article, think I've still got that edition boxed up somewhere !!

Spacer Guy said...

Price worked 30 hours straight to finish a fully functional phaser and his wife drives him to the studio the next day. Now thats dedication and yet the executives still wanted him to squeeze more gadgetry into the gun. Fascinating details dude.

Frederick said...


True, but then they never even fired the phaser or showed a closeup until the next movie! That's Hollywood fer ya.