Monday, June 8, 2009

"Spotlight on Star Trek" 1974 article

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This article was clipped by a 15-year-old me from the "Teen World" movie/TV magazine in 1974. I'm not sure when in 74 it was published, since I didn't save that information when I clipped it. I was a little short-sighted back then, I should have written it somewhere at the time. But who knew I would ever be needing that info again? I was only able to determine the year by the mention in the article about Gene and Majel having their son Eugene Wesley Roddenberry (nicknamed "Rod") recently. Now he's all grown up and running the family business, which back then was known as Lincoln Enterprises. It also mentions Shatner's marriage to Marcie Lafferty.

Bonus: Below, another glossy black and white promo picture of the whole regular crew on the transporter platform. This was part of the press kit sent out to stations to promote the syndication in the mid-70's.


Anonymous said...

The magazine article really takes me back, triggering long lost childhood memories, just like the five-page "spectacular" from TV Movie Pinups of the same year. I KNOW I owned that magazine as a kid, but somehow I haven't seen it in 30 years. Which is mysterious-- when did I part with ST stuff? Seeing it again reminds me of how it felt when any pictures from ST were a big deal. Opening your time capsule is opening childhood recesses of my mind. --John G7

Frederick said...


Thanks for the comment, it's good to know that these mean something to others also! It was truly a time when a Star Trek picture was an exciting thing to find. Like you, I sometimes wonder what happened to certain things I remember having, and it wouldn't have been in my nature to throw such things away. I think sometimes parents happen to them, to keep our rooms from being too cluttered with "junk." Many times I never missed it til I remembered having it years later.

Hope that future posts keep opening forgotten memories and bringing back good times!

Scott Gammans said...

Pity hapless Chekov, doomed to be only half-dematerialized. The poor guy always was something of a punching bag. Great photos, and a great site!