Monday, June 15, 2009

Psychic Predicts Trek Role For Shatner

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"Now tell me if I'll keep losing my hair!"
Clipped from The Enquirer tabloid sometime in the early 70's. It was a failing of mine at the time that I didn't always make a notation as to the date that I clipped something.

Bonus: Below, a Trek tribute page from the "Castle of Frankenstein" monster magazine, about 1975. The yellow lines evident on it are from being stuck in my first photo album, which was not a good idea. The line at the bottom about a new series in 1966 is only a typo, they meant to say 1976.

Below, a press kit photo (from "The Savage Curtain") to promote the show for syndication in the 80's. Spock does not look happy in it!

"You've done it now, Bones. Spock's refusing to move until you apologize for that last remark!"

Below: during a particularly playful photo session, which yielded a number of very unusual poses involving Kirk and Rand, we see one that has the smitten Yeoman hanging onto an insufferably smug Captain. Evidently he did get that beach to walk on after all.

Kirk knew that once Janice starting talking, his reputation aboard ship would increase dramatically.


Kevin said...

Awesome pic of Rand & Kirk. Never seen that one before ever - Rand leaning on Kirk. I am 42 years old and a Star Trek fan since I was a kid. Big Rand fan, next to Shatner. Great site. Thanks for sharing. Kevin (Australia)

Frederick said...


Glad you liked it! Hope you enjoy exploring the blog for the past archives and come back often for new posts of more old stuff!