Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nichelle Opens Hailing Frequences

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Anyone visiting this blog for any length of time has picked up in my border-line-obsessive Uhura fixation, and today's post further reinforces that. From the July 1980 issue #36 of Starlog, here is a good article on my favorite leggy communications officer.

Below, some beautiful, and little seen, publicity shots featuring Nichelle.

"Lt., take a memo. All female uniforms will be shortened... by two more inches, to allow for... greater freedom of movement."

One of my favorites here...wotta woman! Isn't she loverly?

"Oh, Hikaru, it's lovely! But... what is it?"

"Beat this, Zoe!"

Below you will find the Kelly Freas painting of Uhura, part of a set of the show's characters done by the artist and made available through Lincoln Enterprises back in the 70's. I'll post more in the set as time goes by, but this is my favorite one. Freas, talented as he may have been in style, seems to have a little trouble nailing down the faces of the characters in several instances; and Nichelle's waist was never as small as portrayed below; but they are still great renderings and worthy to be framed.

If you remember from an earlier post, the Movie Life magazine published a Star Trek pinup page each month for about a year in 1973-74. This was my first collected photo of Uhura, and for that reason it's always been kind of iconic to me. The day I found the issue that had the photo below was the highlight of that entire week! The endorphines that were released when I found such a Trek item gave me a rush that picked me up for days. I suppose in those terms I was addicted to Trek!

You don't have to be a puppy to want to lick that face for hours.

Just how short were those skirts?

Later, Uhura modeled the new skirt that captain had ordered. All the men on the bridge crew approved.

Why couldn't we have had that infamous fan dance back during the series?

Below, another of the 1967 Leaf bubblegum cards, with a candid shot of Nichelle between takes. It looks to have been taken during the filming of "The Corbomite Manuever," the first regular episode committed to celluloid.

You think I've exhausted my supply of Uhura pictures and articles? Then, you don't know me very well yet, as you are seriously underestimating my fixation! There will be more to come in future posts, you can bet your earpiece on that!


Anonymous said...

I think you've just preserved the best pictures of young Uhura in existence. Like, in the world. Period. Bravo. --John G7

Frederick said...


Glad you liked them! I wish I could get my hands on every photo taken of Nichelle as Uhura when the series was in production. Oh, what it would be like to have access to the Paramount vaults where they keep so many Trek treasures locked up securely against us fans.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, there might be color negatives filed away at the studio, but they won't come out unless something huge happens, like if Nichelle ran for president or had an OJ trial. It costs the studio money to research their files and get legal clearances on pics to ensure no one will sue for royalties. They won't spend it without reason. We have only what fans saved from the old days. --John G7