Friday, June 19, 2009

1994 People article "Great Scotty!"

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Clipped from the Dec. 19, 1994 issue of People magazine. It wasn't very often that James Doohan got press, so this was nice to find.

Bonus: Below, a publicity shot of Doohan from "Where No Man Has Gone Before."

"If Shatner slights me one more time, I swear I'm shovin' this rright up his Jeffries Tube."

Below, the Scotty postcard from the Lincoln Enterprises set sold in the early 70's.

Below, the lead cast of the show if they had their way. It was a pity, though, that we didn't see more character development for each of them. With the power struggle between Shatner and Nimoy, it was a miracle anyone else got screen time, so I suppose we should be thankful for what little time in the spotlight they did get here and there.

"Pavel, if you keep insisting that the kilt was "inwented" in Russia, Mr. Scott here is most certainly going to deck you!"

An autograph from Mr. Doohan that I'm proud to own.


chunky B said...

I always enjoyed the episodes where Scotty got to take command of the Enterprise.

Frederick said...

True, the ship was in good hands with him! I especailly liked "Friday's Child" for that reason. He may have been an engineer, but he knew how to run a ship also.

Nick Tierce said...

That first picture: Talk about embracing the fans!

Scott Gammans said...

I knew that Wende was younger than Mr. Doohan, but I had no idea that they had met when she was only 18 and he was 54. Jimmy, you ol' hound dog!! LOL!

It still kinda saddens me when I read Doohan quotes like "I like Captain Kirk, but I sure don't like Bill!" I guess it's part of my "can
t we all just get along" nature that I just wish my TV heroes got along as well offscreen as on, but the preponderance of stories from that era certainly seem to suggest that Bill Shatner was something of a camera hog. Oh well.

Frederick said...


All the more reason that Galaxy Qyest was so true to life! Showing the off-stage antipathy against the on-stage comaraderie was spot-on and funny, too. I remember when I was amazed to find out some years back that there were hard feelings. I had assumed that they were all a tight crew like on the show!