Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nimoy's Now A Sci-fi Expert

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I'm unsure of the origin newspaper and date of the article above, but it came out sometime around 1975, I believe. I didn't always make a note of such things back then, sadly.

Bonus: The picture below was one of the very first I ever clipped out a magazine about Star Trek, and the first one ever saved of Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock. It's from about 1971. The lines evident in it are from the photo album I had it in, which was of the sticky-back type that made it nearly impossible to remove a photo from once it was in it a few years.

"Fascinating... This 'Gritty Kitty' is not only absorbent, but delicious!"

Bonus: The colorful (but over-saturated) photo below was one of the earlier color pictures I got, probably only about the second or so. It was from the inside back cover of Famous Monsters, and I was so excited to find it that I almost walked on air for the trip back home from the convenience store where I found it in Ft. Lauderdale, in 1975. It's really hard to explain or express the excitement something like this would bring to my teenage self, but it truly was the highlight of my week! Looking at it now brings back good recollections of the thrill that I felt on finding it, and I treasure those times when such a simple thing could make me so incredibly happy.

Privately, Spock was amused at the crew's efforts to get him to admit to emotion.

Below, a shot from one of the very unusual pictures used on the 1967 Leaf bubblegum cards. Apparently, most of them were candid photos taken on the set by the card company, because they are unlike any others seen anywhere else. And the captions are not only unrelated to the images in most cases, but often are completely inexplicable and seemingly weed-inspired. I'll be posting more of these hilarious images in the future!

"Why, yes, Jim... it is new eye shadow. Do you like it?"

Below, Fred Phillips applies Leonard's makeup before shooting.
Mr. Spock actually enjoyed the gossip provided by the barber when he went for his haircuts.

Special Announcement: I'm starting (another) New Blog: "Fantastic Flashbacks!"

My scrapbooks were not only packed with Star Trek stuff; no, I also collected items on many science fiction movies, TV shows, comics, books and more. So, I'm starting a new blog to share them with you, at Hope you enjoy these trips back in time to when the future was fun!


Anonymous said...

Please do post more of the candid cards. I've never seen them before. The "Not so Funny" one was evidently taken at the location shoot for "Shore Leave." Note Kirk's torn shirt and muddy hand. Nimoy's need for an off-camera robe jibes with Shatner's long underwear visible during his fight with Finnegan. "Shore Leave" was shot in late October 1966; it must have been chilly out. -John G7

Frederick said...

Quite so, Watson! Very smartly deduced, old chap. Now stoke that fire while we sip a spot of tea.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this brilliant site. I love all this vintage stuff, and I remember some of it from the first time around; yes, I am that old! Please keep posting more stuff on, and yes, more of the candid cards. What an extraordinary find.

Scott Gammans said...

^^^ Frederick's site is quite the treasure trove, isn't it?!

Frederick said...

Thanks, ya'll! (Yes, I'm from the south.) Glad you are enjoying my opening up the old scrapbooks and collection cabinets. I'm enjoying sharing them!