Sunday, June 21, 2009

1986 "Newsweek" Star Trek cover story

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Star Trek's first voyage onto the cover of "Newsweek" was a big event for Trekkies in 1986, as we were riding high on the excitement and success of the latest movie, "The Voyage Home." Here is the entire scanned article from my copy for your enjoyment, if you missed it or just haven't read it for awhile.

With the current resurgence of Trek popularity, and another Newsweek cover, it seemed like a good time to look back at the last time it happened. It truly is the show that refuses to die!

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Jay said...

I still have that magazine tucked away with my other Star Trek-related magazines. What an exciting time to be a Star Trek fan that was. The movie was great, it was very successful, and it seemed like the whole world was in love with Star Trek. It was great to see the original cast get so much spotlight, and all to themselves, since they were still the only game in town. Good times and good memories!

KY Warrior Librarian said...

I have a copy of this somewhere in my Star Trek stuff too, I believe. Was good to see it again. In fact, if I remember correctly, I wrote Newsweek a letter praising them on the article and how good it was to see Star Trek on the big screen again...and they actually printed it. I will have to see if I can find this again. Thanks for sharing.

Frederick said...

It seems like many of us "oldsters" do have that issue somewhere in our houses. But most are like me, until I went through some stuff to look for things to post, I hadn't seen it in a long time. So, for me, and the readers it seems, it was fun remembering it and seeing it again.

Scott Gammans said...

I also remember that article... partly because it was the first time I'd seen in print that Star Trek: The Next Generation really, really was in pre-production after years of rumors about a reboot. And how nice to see Shirley Maiewski on the first page of the article. Shirley was affectionately known as "Grandma Trek" and was the longtime head of the Star Trek Welcommittee, for you youngsters in the audience.

Thanks for posting this!

girl6 said...

I have this somewhere in my collection. Nimoy says that he used this magazine as a prop to distract his parents when he told him he was leaving his wife for another woman.

Rob said...

"the voyage home" came out when i was a junior in high school. every week that year, in my history class we were given something like 15 or 20 minutes (after a weekly quiz) to read newsweek (our teacher got a subscription for the entire class, 30-odd copies a week), just to familiarize ourselves with current events. i vividly recall him passing out that week's newsweeks with the introduction "and on this week's cover, your friend and mine..."

i had no idea there was a trek cover until that moment (this was all *very* pre-internet, of course) and i remember totally racing through my quiz to get to that newsweek, which i totally devoured. mr jackson (my teacher) knew i was a big trek fan, and when the next week's issues came, he gave me a huge stack of those, many of which i gave to friends, but quite a few of which i still have.

that really was a great time to be a trek fan - the reviews for the movie were across-the-board great, there was a lot of buzz and excitement around the movie that nothing since has quite matched. it's still my favorite trek movie, by a long shot.

thanks for posting!