Friday, August 14, 2009

1985 Video Review article

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From the scrapbook pages this time come an article cut from the March 1985 issue of Video Review, a magazine dedicated to the increasingly-popular technology of VCRs, videotape and camcorders.

Bonus: scanned below is a great publicity photo, from a postcard, of the captain and the good doctor. Note the hi-tech magic drawing board being used (like on the kid's toy with the plastic cover you pull up to erase what you've drawn with the stylus).

"There she is, Bones... are those the best legs you've ever seen or what?"

Mystery Starship photo!

So you think you know your starships, from every movie and spinoff series, huh? Well, I have a challenge for you... can you identify the source of the starship design below?

Go ahead, guess... or tell me the answer in the comments if you know it! If you give the correct answer, you will win an imaginary Tribble friend... and you can hold him and pet him and call him "George." Look for the answer in my next post in a few days!


girl6 said...

I sooo want a TOS Padd.

The Weary Professor said...

The Rest of the Conversation:

[Photo] "There she is, Bones... are those the best legs you've ever seen or what?"

"I'm a doctor, Jim. I only peek in the line of duty...Those ARE nice legs, but I know a little place on Rigel 4..."

"I know the place, Bones!"

Pineapples101 said...

I want to know what the ship is. Is it a 70's era Planet of the Titans concept?

Anonymous said...

Great article! I'm an amateur Trekkie myself, and I'll be printing these pages out to check off the episodes.
I love the incorporated pictures!

Pierre said...

I know that ship! That was from the movie "The Shape Of Things To Come". It was built by the folks at Brick Price Movie Miniatures. These were the same folks who were hired to do much of the model work for the aborted Trek Phase II series.

I have a couple of magazine articles about the film, which was quickly made to cash in on the success of Star Wars. It was intended to be a sequel to "Things To Come", the HG Wells penned film from the 1930's. It starred Barry Morse and Jack Palance.

The ship definately looks Trek related. I think this is due in part to the fact that the saucer section was made from the K7 Space Station model kit from The Trouble With Tribbles.

Truth be told, the model work was very nicely done but the film itself was really quite abysmal!


Frederick said...


Congratulations, you got it! And added some valuable info about it, to boot! Your Imaginary Tribble should have already arrived.

It was a trick question, in that it wasn't a Trek ship at all, but looked like it might have been, "inspired" as it was by the Enterprise.

Dane said...


When I was 15, I had this article. I pulled it out of the magazine and used it as a checklist as I watched (and videotaped for keeping - and all these years later, I still have a few of those tapes. Not all anymore - my #@$% ex-fiance stole some) each episode. I still remember the joy as, at 6 pm every weeknight, after dinner, the title of one I hadn't seen yet would pop up on the screen in blue or yellow.

The very last episode? Obsession. It took me nearly a year of watching and waiting after the other 78 were taped to get to see it!

The Weary Professor said...

Obsession, Dane? That's pretty ironic!

Dane said...

You don't know the half of it, buddy.

Dane said...
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