Thursday, August 20, 2009

"I'm a doctor, not an actor!"

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Above: This first article comes from "Star Trek: Four Generations," a special collector's edition magazine produced by TV Guide, published in spring of 1995.
Although (by the second season, at least) listed in the credits as one of the leads, and his crusty country-doctor one of the show's most beloved characters, Deforrest Kelley was one of the least-interviewed of the cast members. Hence the relative lack of articles in my scrapbook about him, compared to the rest; who were pretty vocal and had plenty of exposure. Kelly seemed a very private individual who was not seeking the limelight as many stars usually do.
Below is a character/actor page from the Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home Poster Magazine.
Below, a small item from one of the movie star magazines published at the time of the series' first run. It attests to the fact of his preference for privacy.

Next, a bumper sticker that was part of a set including all the characters and their famous phrases. This one used the line that Kelley laughingly said he hoped didn't end up on his tombstone. Seeing it connected with him now on such items, made years before his passing, seems a bit sad; but no sarcasm or dark humor is intended.

Below, one of the awesome photo covers on "Trek: The Magazine For Star Trek Fans." If all you have are the "best of" books, you missed out on the truly best stuff. These were like finding an oasis in the Trek wasteland of the time, in the mid-70's.

"I wonder what the commissary is serving for lunch today... fried chicken, I hope."

"Pointy-eared hobgoblin thinks he can get the best of me, he's barkin' up the wrong tree."
Below, one of the ads for McCoy's Hamilton Collection commemorative plate, made for the show's 25th anniversary in 1991. Very nice painting by Thomas Blackshear!
Nice publicity photo below, scanned from one of the better calendars of recent years past.

"Hello, Mr. Spock! Over here, it's Christine! Hello?
Oh... he must not have heard me."
Below we see one of the images from the first set of official publicity photos taken of the cast of the new movie for public release.

"Closer to the camera, you say? How's this?"
Here's to De; a true Southern gentleman, and one of the few cast members beloved and admired by everyone else on the show. One never heard the complaints and sniping, either about him or by him, that characterized some of the other cast. We lift a cold mint julep to you, sir!


Past Expiry said...

Speaking of Star Trek, here's a cartoon about Spock and Twitter…
Past Expiry Cartoon *LINK*

Jamie said...

This is so cool. Thanks for posting!

Jamie said...

Btw. is the 2nd from Star "Trek IV: The Voyage Home Official Magazine" or "Star Trek IV: The Poster Magazine"?

Jeff said...

Nice entry. You know, one of these days some uber-trekker with entirely too much money on his hands is going to see your collection and make you and offer you can't refuse. At least you'll still have your scans!

Jay said...

What a nice way to give a tip of the cyber hat to Mr. Kelley's memory. What a marvellous actor he was, completely underrated and taken for granted, but so naturalistic and believable in so many fantastic situations. Never a line that didn't ring true. I think he may well have been the most talented actor in the troupe.

Frederick said...


You know this stuff better than I do! Good memory, I mis-typed it. I'll correct it right now!

Jamie said...


well I was just confused because the article says "poster magazine" on bottom right.
And I have the movie magazine which really hasn`t that article inside. So I was confused that there maybe were different movie magazines. ;)
Btw. I love your collection!


Doug said...

I've been enjoying this website for several months now and wanted to comment and thank you. I have all of the "Best of Trek" books you mention, but alas no copies of the fanzine that inspired the name.

I wanted to share a brief memory of DeForest Kelly... not mine, but my grandparents'... In the early sixties, my grandparents lived for one year right across the street from Kelly. Pre-Star Trek days, but he was a fairly well-known character actor, mostly appearing in Westerns. My grandparents were always the types to keep to themselves and were happy that way, but that meant that they never went out of their way to meet neighbors. When the time came for them to move, the only neighbor to say goodbye was Kelly, who walked across the street to wish them well and tell them they'd been good neighbors [maybe precisely because they always kept to themselves :-) ]

I always liked that story growing up, and am sad that I never got the chance to tell DeForest Kelly in person. But glad I got the chance to share it here!

Frederick said...


That's pretty neat! It fits him perfectly; kind but private. I appreciate your comments and taking the time to share it!

Anonymous said...

I'll raise a glass of peach juice to him because I'm not of legal drinking age.