Wednesday, August 5, 2009

KFC's Star Trek ad

I am just crazy over this ad by KFC! It feels more like real "Trek" than any of the fan-made efforts, as good as some of them are. They just nail it here! I get such a big smile and good feeling when I watch it.

(Sorry for the slow posting lately, but the family health situation is still going on and making it tough to devote the time I used to on my blogs. Hope to get back to it soon.)


Sam said...

Wow. Only thing missing was Mr. Spock. Hope all goes well with the family situation.

Heller Couch said...

Good use of angles and lighting make Scotty almost dead on. Kirk is pretty close too with the facial expressions.

Anonymous said...

Core that was so cool. Spock and I have something in common we don't eat meat. So that's perhaps why Spock was not in short or maybe they could not find a look alike.

Much better then the soap advert, which sucks.


Frederick said...


Thanks for the wishes!

I'm thinking that they couldn't find a good enough look-alike for Spock or McCoy (who being a southerner would have been a natural for chicken) so they left them out and went with what they had; which was a wise choice.


Good point about the lighting. It carries the first season lighting to the extreme! And their "Kirk" really was awesome, wasn't he? Spot-on. And the voices!!


Good point about Spock not eating meat. Probably best he wasn't in it!