Monday, August 24, 2009

Star Trek II Being Filmed

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The article above was clipped from a Beckley, WV newspaper sometime in November, 1981. It was the first news I had heard that there was even going to be a sequel, and I was thrilled. The news that Khan was returning was even more exciting, and was a great idea that energized me, as well as the fan base... everyone seemed to sense that this was going to be a better movie than the last, and began looking forward to it.

Below, as a counterpoint to the announcement the Montalban had begun filming, is a clipping from early fall of 1982 that talks about his returning to his role on Fantasy Island.

Bonus: Below, a photo of a rare Trek toy made during the show's run. Note the detailed accuracy of the toy, precisely recreating Spock's favorite weapon, the futuristic grenade-launching rocket pistol.

Just make sure you don't lose that single grenade, kid, cause you ain't getting another one.

Bonus: a publicity photo of Spock with his tri-D chess set, which Kirk got him for Christmas from the Hamilton Collection, for which he is still making monthly payments of $99.

"Just holding this makes me looks smarter, don't you agree?"

Bonus: another of the 1967 Leaf cards. If one goes according to the caption, Spock and McCoy are severely undressed.

Besides making a weird sound effect, Spock's heat lamp did little to help McCoy defrost his medical freezer.


The Weary Professor said...

Why is Spock playing chess outdoors on a cloudy planet?

Must be a deleted scene from The Cloud Minders!

Frederick said...


Good one! In looking at it, I'm betting that is a bluured picture of some of the cliff faces from the Vasquez Rocks. Maybe Spock wanted to play chess outside on Vulcan, near the slanted rocks!

Some of the background plates that projected for the publicity shots were strange in that they were often shown way off their proper size, too.

chunky B said...

I'm always amazed at the publicity photos on your blog, blurry, slanted rocks or not, LOL.