Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Study In Shatnerisms... set to music!

Hammy? Perhaps. But I happen to enjoy ham. Bill gives it to us hot, baked with maple syrup and a pineapple slice on top. M-m-m-m, good!

I saw the video at the bottom of this post yesterday over at the great Daren Dochterman's blog and had to share it with you. When Bill made this, in 1971, "it was a very good year."

It highlights all the reasons we love to watch Bill act... and while immensely entertaining, it's far less embarassing than Leonard's "Bilbo Baggins" video! Leonard can never claim superior poise, intelligence or sophistication as long as that exists.

"You know you love me, yeah, you know it."

"With a face like this, how could you not?"

Humilty and greatness are often mutually exclusive.

And here it is... a full Trek-season's worth of Shat-faced mugging in one short video, as only Bill can do it... and still look good the whole time! Amazing.

Can you imagine Jeffrey Hunter doing this? I don't think so. His command-weary and way-serious Captain Pike brought weight to a role that many might have considered too silly for a real actor (science fiction was considered kid's stuff back then); but that style would never have carried a series. No, it was the the lightness and levity that Bill brought in along with his burden of command that gave the Kirk role life. And it was definitely the watchable "Shatnerisms" that made the show so much fun.


JM's Enterprise said...

It's hard to imagine anyone else playing Captain Kirk in the original show. But I would have liked to have seen Jeffery Hunter do more Trek, perhaps in a flashback sequence or something. Would have been cool to see Kirk and Pike together. Maybe fighting Dr. Soran?

The Weary Professor said...

Point taken about Jeff Hunter, Fred--but then again, the Pike character called for a different type of acting than the Kirk character. Perhaps Hunter may have had the range to pull Kirk off. Sadly, he didn't live long enough to have a role that gave him the opportunity to mix command, humor, flirtation and bravado (at least to my knowledge he didn't). On the other hand, I agree that Bill Shatner was THE PERFECT CHOICE for Kirk. I really can't imagine anyone else playing him. Anyone else playing the role would be positively wooden (or Pine, as the case may be).

The Weary Professor said...

I think it's pretty clear by now I'll seize almost any opportunity to make a pun. Call it English professor's privilege!

Frederick said...


I too would have loved to have seen more of Pike. His command style was different than Kirk, but he still earned the same respect and loyalty from Spock, if not the same friendship. It would have been wonderful to see Hunter guest-star as Admiral Pike in later episodes or even movies, I agree!

Frederick said...


If Hunter had retained the role, and went on to command the ship as Pike, I'm sure he would have loosened up, and probably the show would have survived and maybe even been nearly as good. But with Shatner's Kirk, we got so much more, and he really energised the series with his bravado, swagger, and intense personality. Kirk would never be the man we perceive him to be now without Shatner in the role.