Sunday, August 2, 2009

1986 article: Keep On Trekking

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Above, a pull-out centerfold article from The Star, May 6, 1986. Not that long ago, I know, but any article about the original cast, show or movies is liable to be posted here; old, new or inbetween.

(Sorry for the gap in posts, but a family emergency took me away for about a week and I'm just now getting back to scanning stuff for the blog. Sometimes real life interferes with our fun.)

Bonus: Below, no date on this clipping from the Enquirer but it was around July 1995.

Bonus #2: Cover to "Letters to Star Trek" paperback published in 1977. Nice painting!


JM's Enterprise said...

Twenty years later and they still refer to Leonard Nimoy as Dr. Spock! Hope all is well with the family emergency.

spacepoint said...

This movie will always be successful. The story is fascinating, as fascinating as space exploration itself is.

Frederick said...


I see that Dr. Spock thing so often I don't even comment on it much any more, it gets old! :) I think people know, they just slip up and say it anyway a lot of the time. Shoot, I even read where Nimoy himself said it in an early interview!

Jay said...

Two comments:

Wow! Shatner was so thin!

And I don't think I have ever seen that shot next to the shot of Thin Shatner before. I assume George was off shooting The Green Berets that day.

Hope the family situation had a happy resolution, Sir Frederick!

Dane said...

Feel free to post anything and everything! Besides the stuff from the late '70s and early '80s is nostalgic for me - it's where I came in.