Monday, March 9, 2009

1976 Miami Star Trek con flyer

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When I lived in Ft. Lauderdale, FL back in 1975-76, I was right in the middle of a hotbed of Trek fan activity. It was an exciting time, but for me only by proxy. Thanks to a controlling step-father, I never got to go to any of the conventions or mini-cons that I read about. (Sorry to bring that up so often, but really, those days were dominated by that kind of life and my Star Trek memories are affected by it.) The best I could do was collect the flyers and mailers they sent out, which was exciting to me anyway. I have all of them in plastic pages now, in my Star Trek scrapbook, and they bring back good memories of the time. I'll post more as time goes by!

One of the organizers of this and many other conventions, as well as an avid writer about such things, was G. B Love. I never had the opportunity to meet the man, to my regret and loss. Here is a link about this remarkable guy and how he impacted fandom and the lives of those around him.

Below is a scan of an ad from the back cover of The Monster Times for the 1974 3rd annual NY Star Trek convention.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting the link to the G.B. Love bio. His articles and ruminations is the "Best of Trek" series of books were a big part of my Star Trek fandom as a teenager - probably the first things I ever read that critically analyzed the show in depth, and putting the show in a different perspective for me that I probably wouldn't have come up with at 13 or 14. I read some of those paperbacks til they literally fell apart. Some great stuff.

And I had no idea he was dealing with a physical handicap. On the page, he was as able as anyone, and probably more than most, with the wonderful power of words.

Frederick said...


Thanks for commenting! Like you, I enjoyed G.B.'s writings for years before I knew he was handicapped. It made me appreciate his work even more knowing the sacrifices made to do it.

Anonymous said...

RBCC was great! What a gift to us true ST fans of the early days. Along with Bjo Trimble's original ST Concordance (the self-published one with only the first two seasons) and a few fanzines, it made me realize (I'm hearing this now in the voice of Leonard Nimoy from his "Mr. Spock's Music From Outer Space") "You are not alooooone." ;)

Frederick said...


So true. I remember when I thought I was about the only fan of the show there was! I had no clue there was a whole movement until I began to see the fan magazines. But really, The Monster Times was the first place I got an inlking there were others meeting at conventions, and writing the magazines. After that, I found the TREK and ENTERPRISE INCIDENTS fanzines that were such high quality. I treasured each one, and still do!

Anonymous said...

The first inkling I had that ST was more than just another TV show was the night "City on the Edge of Forever" first ran on NBC. I went to a friend's house to watch it in color (since we had a black and white set in those days), and I saw my friend's mother start crying toward the end of the episode. Other than the televised funeral of JFK a few years earlier, I had never seen that kind of reaction from anybody to a TV show...

I was lucky to have a couple of fellow Trekkie pals later on in high school, but the only thing I have left of my old collection is a worn copy of The Making of Star Trek.

Monster Times was great! Not only did it cover Star Trek, it touched on Outer Limits, as well as lots of favorite '50s sci-fi "b-movies!" :)