Saturday, March 14, 2009

Shatner: Back On Earth (Temporarily)

Clipped (or torn, really) from the pages of "Movie Star Annual" sometime in 1975. Bill's mostly-forgotten "Barbary Coast," was a rip-off of the"Wild, Wild West" idea. Interesting how Bill spent years trying to distance himself from his Trek association, only to come back to it later and make it stronger than ever. No-one escapes Star Trek once in it, Bill!

And the 70's lapels make another appearance. It's more likely that's what Marci is laughing at! What I wouldn't give for some film footage of Bill boogie-ing the night away at some of these Hollywood parties!

Below are a couple of clippings I made from the same time, when that TV show was in production.

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Anonymous said...

Oh yeah BILL. :-) MmmmMMMmmMM!! I especially like the 1st photo [the round one] beneath the "Back on Earth" caption.

William Shatner has been a life-long heart-throb. Even if he is nearly twice my age. ;-)

We would have made *bee-U-tiful* babies together. ;-P