Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The First Star Trek Happy Meal from 1979

Looks like someone forgot to set the parking brake, the ship is coasting out by itself!

In The Year Of Our Lord Nineteen-Hundred and Seventy-Nine, the year of the Second Coming of Star Trek, I bought anything I could find about the movie, and that included the Star Trek Meals from McD's. In case you didn't know it, the ST:TMP edition was the very first Happy Meal ever released. Of course, being 21 years old, buying these things by myself was humiliating. The packaging had cool artwork, so I had to have it, ordering one each week with a lame "it's for my little brother" excuse which fooled no-one.

I've heard since that there was a toy item in the box, but I do NOT remember such an item coming with mine. Surely, being the packrat I am, I would have saved it? A mystery... but looking back on it, and remembering the situation I was in at the time, I think I might have thrown the toys away, to prevent my anti-trek stepdad from finding them and having more ammunition to accuse me of being childish for being a Trekker. The meal box itself I could collapse flat and hide between books and magazines, so I risked keeping them, juvenile though they were.

For your nostalgic enjoyment, I'm posting here all the boxes, front and back. And you won't even have to choke down the dry, plain hamburger that came inside them like I did.

The boxes above are the ones I own and scanned in. The ones below I missed, and found images of them online to post here to complete the set.


Hellsh said...

Thank you very much for posting this.

Ron Albanese said...

WOW ... I've never seen these, but they're very cool and colorful! Must been amazing for kids to see these coming over the counter at McDonald's in 1979.