Monday, March 30, 2009

FBI Protects Trek Set

It's a good thing that the FBI helped protect those Star Trek secrets; advanced technology like warp drive, phasers, photon torpedos and transporters could be dangerous should it fall into the wrong hands! Clipped from The Star tabloid, September 1978.

Speaking of advanced technology, once people saw that big old viewscreen on the ship, they wanted one for themselves. So, the race for bigger and better TV screens, with which to better watch the show, began. This article was clipped in the late 70's sometime from one of the tabloids. Sorry I don't have more specifics, but I seldom saved such info on little clippings like this one. It's interesting that it took 30 years for big plasma screen TVs to become a reality, but now we have them and watching Trek (and other movies) on them is finally as good as we once dreamed!

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