Monday, March 16, 2009

"There Is Life On Other Planets," Says Leonard Nimoy

I have no idea what publication I clipped this from, but it was about 1975. It was a smaller digest-sized mag, whatever it was. And on the lighter side...

Despite a bee sting which left his ear swollen painfully, a dedicated Trekkie shows off his phaser to anyone at the convention he can corner.

Above is a clipping from a Ft. Lauderdale, FL newspaper, dated Aug. 23, 1975 that demonstrates that alien life-forms are already here on Earth.

Now, I can't claim superiority and say that I never owned a pair of rubber pointed ears. I also cannot say that I never posed for a photo in a uniform shirt while wearing the ears and giving the Vulcan hand salute. I WILL say with certainty, however, that it will never be published for my public humiliation such as many fans like the one above have subjected themselves to. That Polaroid picture of my teenage shame does still exist in some forgotten corner of a photo box. I'm not proud of that fact... but there it is hidden, and there it shall remain.

And now, a belt buckle.

Proudly wearing his hand-painted belt-buckle to high school, young Frederick soon realised it did not increase his chances of getting a date and put it in his collection bookcase. He still didn't get any dates, though.


Jay said...

Hey, if Leonard says there's life on other planets, that's good enough or me. After all, he did spend five years out there on "In Search Of ...", dealing with unknowns like this.

Frederick said...


So true, and after all, who could sing songs like "We Are Not Alone" if he wasn't in the know about it?