Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shatner: "Star Trek Returning to TV"

Clipped from "The Star" tabloid, published on Sept. 14, 1976. I apologise for the poor quality of the clipping, with sections missing from the text. But you can get the gist of it.

Things didn't turn out quite as Shatner had explained; "Trek" with our beloved characters never did return after the movies began. But a new show did eventually get made; "ST:TNG." Although I did enjoy the new show, I never got over the fact that it wasn't with our first crew.

And probably never did the cast.

P.S. All of you visitors from my post... welcome! And.. GOTCHA! But really, I never said it was a current newsflash... did I? Still, it was fun seeing how far we've come, wasn't it?

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chunky B said...

I remember being so excited about the movie coming out and speculating with friends if the network would relaunch the show afterwords.