Friday, March 20, 2009

When Shatner Acted On Impulse

Clipped from the Miami Herald Tuesday, Feb. 11, 1975, this article reviews one of Shatner's lesser-known film efforts. The ad itself I clipped from the Macon Telegraph.

If you like seeing old newspaper movies ads such as the one above, visit my other blog, "Held Over!" which features just that, gleaned from my scrapbook. All of them are scanned in from ads I clipped myself over the years, not borrowed from other sites.

And to supplement today's admittedly slim pickins, here is a hi-rez scan of a great promo picture of the Captain and good doctor, from one of my photo albums.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the high-res scan. Good one! Hey Fred, did you ever get the two emails I sent to your contact address, with the TMP review scan?
--John G7

Frederick said...


I haven't been able to get in my email account for awhile, but I am working on it. I'll email you when I can get in again!

Spacerguy said...

Star Trek is cool.