Sunday, March 22, 2009

1977 Star Trek Candy Boxes

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In 1977, I lived in a little burg called Gray in Georgia. One old highway passed through it, and the several sideroads were all red clay. The town, which you could span by throwing a rock half-heartedly, was distinguished by an old abandoned canning factory that was falling in. It had one gas station/convenience store. While living there (which was quite a shock moving there from Ft. Lauderdale, Fl), I was starved for anything that even resembled Trek. The store carried the Gold Key comics in their stand, and I found this candy... exactly three remaining boxes. I bought their entire stock.

Below is the standard back and side that all the boxes shared.

Inside were TWO prizes and a piece of hard taffy that was generously called "candy." The so-called prizes were of the generic "Cracker Jack" type, and went in the ditch beside the road as I walked home. The boxes went into my hidden collection suitcase. Now, you have the joy of seeing the three boxes that I found; try not to explode with excitement.

Kirk and crew tried the candy in the boxes and nearly died.

Now to get the bad taste out of my mouth that the memory of the candy invokes, here is something nice and tasty... a prize that makes up for what was inside the boxes.

Mmmmmmmmm.... sweet!

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chunky B said...

These are pretty cool, I've seen similar for other properties, but not Star Trek.

Seeing these makes me wonder what type of candy treats and "prizes" are in store for us this May.