Wednesday, September 24, 2008

1974 article by Shatner: "Why I Believe In UFOs."

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"The National Enquirer" tabloid was one my Grandma always got when we took her shopping, and there was very often some kind of Star Trek article in it, which I immediately harvested upon having them passed along to me. These articles came from the 1974 to 1975 time frame, but I didn't make a note of the dates so I'm not sure.

Apparently after writing the above article, Shatner went from second-hand sightings to a personal experience with a UFO, as told in the story below.

Below, a retelling of the ESP/UFO incident, this time from "The Star."

Next time: Nimoy on why he believes in both UFO's and ESP!

And above we have a photo of my picture display wall. I went to my thick binder ST photo notebook and picked out some of my favorites to display around the beautiful VHS video-release promotional poster from 1986. On the right are some autographed photos, on the bottom are three cast portraits from Andrew Probert. I ordered those prints from Roddenberry's Lincoln Enterprises in the mid-70's. Probert worked on Star Trek: The Motion Picture later on, actually designing the new upgraded Enterprise and the other ships seen in the movie. He went on to design the new Enterprise-D for The Next Generation, and much more. These paintings represent some of his early work, done when he was in his mid 20's.

And on the left you can see some pictures from another love of mine, the Apes movies.

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The Curmudgeon said...

Love the site. And your Trek on Video poster. Been searching for that for quite a few years...