Wednesday, September 17, 2008

1976 article: Fans Spending $1 Billion on Star Trek Cult

The Scrapbook opens this time to:
An article from "The Star," March 9, 1976.
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The Balok and Spock I get, but what the heck is that kid in the top one supposed to be? Captain Kirk as rendered by Picasso?
Here's a good example of the kind of article I mentioned in the last post. Considering the Star's propensity for making up "facts" I'm sure the 1 billion number was pulled out of thin air. But regardless of the clueless attitude of the writer toward the fans and Star Trek in general, I still was interested to know when reading it that there were other fans out there that were crazy about the show to the extent that I was, and that they were getting together to have fun.
I remember that when I first discovered Star Trek about 1971, through the Gold Key comics, I thought I was about the only one that had such a passion for it. I had no idea that there were so many others out there, until I began to read about the fan movement. It was through articles like this that I vicariously joined the rest of the crowd that appreciated the show and loved it.

Star Trek In The Comics:

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