Thursday, September 18, 2008

1975 Article: Paramount To Film "Star Trek" Feature

The Scrapbook opens today to:
1975 article on the planned movie
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This was the second of the newspaper articles that I came across announcing the plans for a movie. Once again, the condescending attitude prevailed: "The joyous news is passing along from one Star Trek freak to another, and there are thousands." It also contained the Paramount plan to beef up the star power by including "ten international celebrities in cameo roles." They apparently felt that the TV series actors couldn't draw the mainstream crowd and they hoped that the cameos by big-name stars would bring them in. We can count ourselves lucky that saner brains prevailed (most likely Gene's) and they dropped it.

Can you imagine how silly it would be to look back and see the film had they insisted on this? One big-name cameo would have been fine; playing an admiral or the like. But ten? Like Batman and Robin climbing the sideways building, only to have current celebrities pop out and comment, we would be seeing then-current celebs crop up all over the ship. It would have destroyed the integrity of the film and made it a current-day laughing stock.
Star Trek In The Comics:

They'll take "The Wrath of Khan" over that fanboy's dead body.

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