Thursday, September 18, 2008

1975 Article: The High Priest of Sci-Fi

The Scrapbook opens today on:
The 1975 "Circus" rock music magazine article.
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Remember when I said that as a teen I was constantly on the lookout for Trek information, no matter what type of publication it might be in? This one proves my point; a rock music magazine like "Circus" was certainly not on my list of regular reading material. This one I found while waiting in the doctor's office in Macon, GA where we had taken my Grandma for a regular visit. I trust that the next readers coming into the office didn't miss the four pages that mysteriously vanished from it! I know, I was bad... but I was a Trekker in love.
Once again, Gene discusses his plans for the movie; going back to show how Kirk and Spock met and how the crew all came together before the TV series start; which is the focus of the new movie coming out in 2009.
The article explains: "People have been asking me for years how the whole thing came about," Roddenberry said. "How did Kirk and Spock meet Scotty? How did the whole crew get together?" What Roddenberry has in mind is tracing the lives of the major members of the crew of the Enterprise from their beginnings until they reach the point where the television series began.
So it appears that the new Trek will be exactly what Gene had envisioned from the earliest days of thinking about bringing it back. I think he would be pleased. (Update; well, I've seen the movie, and it might not be exactly what Gene envisioned... being a reboot rather than recounting the actual history; but at least we get to see the characters when younger, and the casting is excellent.)
As a bonus, below are scans of the front and back of a great ad slick for the second set of episodes in first video release of the series on VHS in 1985. Nice! I bet you still have a couple of these tapes somewhere in your closets.

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girl6 said...

I stole a poster of Spock from the adolescent reading room in our tiny public library on Edwards AFB in 1978. It took me an hour to pry it quietly from the wall and smuggle it out in my book bag.

I taped it to the wall at the foot of my bed and from 7th-12th grades, Spock was the last thing I saw before I went to sleep at night and the first thing I saw when I woke in the morning.

It's the only thing I ever stole and I never felt an ounce of guilt.

I love this blog.