Sunday, September 14, 2008

1975 Article: Why Star Trek Still Has Millions In It's Power

Today's scrapbook page contains:
1975 Gene Roddenberry article from The National Star
(Click on image to enlarge.)

The April 1975 issue of The National Star. My Grandma would always pick up a few of the tabloid papers when we took her shopping, and I always got them when she was done, to scan through them for items of interest to me. I would spread them out on her dining room table, and snip out what I lucked upon.

Grandma was cool, and was a nite-owl. I liked this, as when I went over I got to stay up as late as I wanted. This meant watching the TV shows I liked; "Planet of the Apes," Kung Fu," "Kolchak: Night Stalker" and of course Star Trek when I could catch it. It also meant catching the "CBS Saturday Night Movie" and even the "CBS Saturday Night Late Movie" when they were something good. Good times.

4-29-2010 Update: After reposting this on my Facebook fan page, the actual writer of the article, Gene's assistant Susan Sackett, commented on it and said this: "When I wrote this I never gave it that horrible title! 'Millions in its Power' -- we never thought in those terms. The National Star headlined it. "

Thanks for the comment and info, Susan; that sounds like a sensationalistic headline a tabloid would come up with!

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