Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Article: Mr. Spock Took Me Over

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"Happy Leonard Nimoy has left Mr. Spock behind," says the photo caption in the article, clipped from the National Enquirer around 1975. How wrong they were! But who could know that the old show would return in such a big way in the future? Leonard would even write another book titled "I Am Spock."

Of course, the stoic influence of playing Mr. Spock helped him suppress emotion very little when it came to a life-threatening situation. He felt very un-Spock-like fear when his oxygen ran out during a diving expedition, detailed below in another Enquirer article that I clipped in 1977. Air is like sex; it ain't important till you aren't getting any. Suddenly that little-considered next breath is the most important thing in your life.

The article references "The Coral Jungle," an underwater nature program narrated by Nimoy. I even taped an episode on cassette because he was doing it. Was I obsessive, or what?

The small cartoon to the right I tore out of a New York Times newspaper sitting in a dentist's office in the early 70's (I can see some patient coming in later and looking through the square hole left in the paper). It looks like Spock has some gum on his ear?

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