Monday, September 15, 2008

1976 article: The Great Bird of the Galaxy

From the Scrapbook pages:
1976 article from "TV Showpeople" magazine
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This was a very exciting article to find at the time; unusually intelligent and respectful. Looking back I can see that this was because Susan Sackett, Roddenberry's personal assistant, wrote it, and it was probably pretty much word for word what Roddenberry wanted. Much different from the "whiz-bang" sci-fi ignorant articles it usually got.

Notice also that as Gene talked about his plans for the return of the show in movie form, he had the idea of showing how the crew met and came together for the first time. It would have been problematic back then, as the actors were older than when they did the show; but now that vision is coming to life in the new movie coming out in 2009. The recasting of the characters will allow us to see the beginning!

UPDATE: Well, it's after the movie has come out now, and we know it wasn't THE beginning, but rather a new beginning. But, we have the original show characters back, and that's better than any spinoffs.

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