Monday, September 29, 2008

Animated Star Trek articles

When the new animated series premiered I embraced it with open arms. Short of a new live-action show, it was the most exciting development that had come into being so far. Unless you lived through that time, when there was no new Star Trek except for the Gold Key comics (and they were silly), you can't relate to how starved we fans were for "real" new adventures.
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Even a cartoon, done as well as it was by the original show's creators and producers, was a welcome sight. I was right there in front of the TV set when it premiered on Saturday morning, Sept. 8, 1973. And I loved it! I never missed it as far as was possible, and those that I did miss I caught in re-runs.

All too soon, after only 22 episodes from one year of production, the series was cancelled (see article below). The sting was lessened somewhat by the rumblings of a new movie, perhaps followed by a new live-action series, but we would have to wait another five long years. The animated series was, with it's faults, "real" Star Trek to us fans of the time. Watching it now on the recently-released DVD set really takes me back to those days!

Here's a great site devoted to all aspects of the animated series. And here's another one!

Below is a pencil drawing I did of M'Ress in the late 70's. I thought she was kind of cute.

"All right, who's the wise guy that left a flea collar in my seat?"


Patty said...

You've done very nice job with your scrapbook, Frederick.

I was 11 when the series started, so your articles bring back a lot of memories to me too.

Keep up the great work!

Frederick said...


Thanks for stopping by, and for the kind comment! I appreciate it, so few leave anything.

And I'm glad the posts bring back memories of your own. If you ever have any you want to share about a particular post, please do!

Come back soon, and live long and prosper!

Rob Bignell said...

I just discovered your blog, Frederick, and want to thank you for sharing your collection. Like you, I also collected Star Trek clippings, memorabilia, magazines, books and more during the 1970s. Unfortunately, a fire at my parents' house in 1985 destroyed my entire collection. Reading your blog is like going through those scrapbooks and boxes lost so many years ago. I for one am glad your stepdad was a man of small imagination.

Frederick said...


Thanks for the comment, hope you enjoy the blog for a long time! I truly feel for your loss of your collection, believe me. I hope you find lots of stuff posted here that help you to remember things you had in it.