Thursday, September 25, 2008

1976 Leonard Nimoy Article: Why I Believe In UFOs

Last time we had Shatner proclaiming his belief in UFO's, and here "Leonard (Star Trek) Nimoy" (which he probably fears will be on his tombstone) joins in, in an article from a 1976 issue of The National Enquirer.

Below, not to be outdone by Bill's ESP experiance, Leonard tells of his own, and the article references his TV show "In Search Of," which began airing in 1976.

Below is the German Heineken Beer ad that so incensed Nimoy. He sued the company and had the offending ads removed. I don't blame him for being upset! But it is funny.

(Thanks to John Hudgens who commented below and kindly left the link to a better color version, I have replaced my original b&w scan with his better one.)

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John Hudgens said...

Hey, I've been rummaging through the blog - really been enjoying a lot of cool things I've not seen in years... :)

Anyway, thought you might like this: I have a print of the Heineken ad, and I've had it as an easter egg on my site for years... here's a link to a higher-rez color file: