Monday, September 15, 2008

1975 article: Star Trek Will Become Movie Scheduled For Release In 1976

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 This was it. The Big One. In my little world, anyway.

Printed in the Miami Herald, March 4th, 1975, this was as I remember the first time I had heard the movie announced. Needless to say it was a memorable article that made me smile all day.

Of course, it was written with the usual mentality; "Okay all you thousands of trekkies on planet Earth, put away your space guns!" I think they underestimated the number of "trekkies" as well as their intelligence, as if they went around waving Flash Gordon-like space pistols and chanting "Dr. Spock! Dr. Spock!" (as the press often called him) all day. Notice also that the actor interviewed is the ever-vocal George Takei, although he wasn't pictured.
Above is a clipping from another tabloid about a planned TV movie. The announcements were all over the place for several years; a theatrical movie; a TV movie; a new series; then a movie again. At least, we can "start wearing our Spock ears again." Whee!

The announcement proved a bit premature, of course, it was nearly five years later before we would see the movie. But it was an exciting time! I never did wear Spock ears, though (at least not publicly).

There will be a lot of these kind of clippings posted here in the future. It should make an interesting study of how many different stages the effort to bring back Trek went through. And remembering those times in my personal life will be half the fun, if not more! I hope it will stir some good memories for you, too.

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