Wednesday, March 30, 2011

1985 Interview with Nichelle Nichols

I'm back, after a short absence from posting, due to various mundane things taking up time from the fun stuff for a little while. From issue #30 of "SF Movieland" magazine (formerly "Enterprise Incidents" after it went mainstream), published June 1985, comes this article on the fetching Nichelle Nichols. Love that sassy pose... she is rocking that miniskirt!
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Bonus #1: an ad flyer from 1994 for a con featuring Nimoy.
Bonus #2: a publicity pic of Kirk and the shimmying (but ill-fated) belly-dancer Kara in "Wolf In The Fold." Her hootchie-kootchie dance was a memorable start to the episode, but to be fair some of the strength of the scene may have been due to the re-use of Vina's Orion Slave Girl dance music from "The Cage."

"How about dancing over here to my lap, gorgeous?"

Crossover Alert: Captain Kirk saves the day in the Cracked spoof of "Generations," to be found on "My Star Trek Scrapbook 2!"

Thursday, March 3, 2011

1985 Cracked "Search For Spock" Spoof

Severin does his usual great job of capturing the actor's likenesses in this spoof on "The Search For Spock," from issue #209 of Cracked magazine, published January 1985. However, he does mix in uniforms from the first movie on the first page for some reason! No Trek cover artwork this time, sadly.
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Bonus: Below, a nice photo of the cast from the same movie, omitting Nimoy since at the time these were released it was supposed to be a mystery if Spock was in it or not. Was there ever any doubt? I was thrilled to see Uhura finally get her skirt back, thanks to Nichelle's request. Poor Chekov didn't fair so well with his wardrobe, however.