Monday, April 22, 2013

1986 Article: The Writers of Star Trek

From the 20th Anniversary Celebration issue of Starlog, published in November of 1986 (see the cover here), comes this article on a couple of writers of the original show. The pages feature two rare publicity photos of the guest stars from a couple of the episodes.

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Bonus: a full-page ad from June 1992 issue of The Official Fan Club magazine with James Doohan in costume as Scotty advertising the QVC show that he was a guest host on. Did you order anything from this program?

Bonus: A publicity photo of Nimoy taken during the filming of the episode "Where No Man Has Gone Before." Nimoy's high collar was different from the other costumes, made with snaps on each side so that it could be put on and taken off without messing up his makeup.


Bonus: more of the promised TOS original novel covers, this time from "The Abode Of Life," published in May of 1982. The cover art by "Rowena" was from the TMP era, but with brown cowboy boots rather then the built-in footy-pajama type. Also, that pulp-inspired raygun is about as far away from a phaser as one can get. I know some of my readers get a kick out of this non-regulation art, because it came from a time before the Trek merchandise became more tightly controlled. But at the time it just made me scratch my head and wonder why they couldn't get things like this right.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Happy Birthday, George!

 Happy 76th birthday to George Takei, known to TOS fans everywhere as Hikaru Sulu! Mr. Sulu's professionalism, likeability, and many hobbies, such as botany, fencing, guns and more made him an interesting character. And George's outgoing personality and rapid-fire laugh made him a convention favorite of many fans! Below is an autographed photo I got from him by proxy while he was at a convention in Ft. Lauderdale, FL in the mid-70's. One guess as to why I missed the con!

Click on the link below to view all my previous posts featuring George in case you missed some!

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

1977: "The Robots Of Star Trek"

I'm back this time with a couple of more articles from the magazine "Media Spotlight," a descendent of the newspaper "The Monster Times" which only lasted 5 issues. But they were good ones! Of course, it would have been better if the publisher could have afforded a better grade of paper and color photos like Starlog, which had premiered the year before. This time we are looking at an article from issue #4 on "The Robots Of Star Trek." You can view the cover here, which I have posted before.

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Next, an article from the same issue by noted fan author Jackie Lichtenberg, as she touches on several items of interest in the Star Trek universe in the column "Inside Science Fiction."

"No, I was NOT snorting coke! It's a printer's error, OK?"
Bonus: a smiling Nimoy in makeup with Gene from the filming of "The Cage."
Bonus: A page from the book "Where No Man Has Gone Before" focusing on the character of Xon, who almost replaced Spock as the ship's resident Vulcan in the planned series "Phase II" before it was upgraded to a movie and Leonard came on board.

"Who is this "Alfalfa" that you refer to?"

Monday, April 8, 2013

1977 Article: "James T. Kirk: Exorcist?"

Hitting the pages of another issue of Media Spotlight, a magazine that only lasted five issues, sadly... it was neat, since it was essentially a magazine-format version of "The Monster Times." In this case it even re-ran an article that had appeared in the pages of one of the issues of TMT; a write-up from the final issue of Media Spotlight (published October 1977) called "James T. Kirk: Exorcist?" It's a fun piece, and easier to scan in this format, that's for sure.
(Click on images to enlarge; once open, you may have to click it again to view full size.)

Below, definite proof that this was the same as TMT, running the same merchandise ads in the back. I always loved these ads, building an imaginary wish list as I gazed at the items. You know, it's funny... but when I look at these pages, I still get a residual tingle of excitement, as the old feelings surface that I felt looking at them way back when.
Note the ad for a "Spock Pop," an item that would satisfy any desire one might have to know what a Vulcan tasted like.

Bonus: from the inside cover of this same issue, a candid shot of Nichelle on stage during a convention.

Bonus: a neat photo of Kirk and Spock, the one that adorned the cover of the TV Guide during the series first run. How I would love to have that issue!

Bonus: from the "Official USS Enterprise Officer's Date Book" for 1980 is this photo from the un-used scene where two security officers are zapped by the probe from V'Ger. They should have left it in, to add a little more action... at LEAST we would have got to see a phaser fired, if only once in the movie.
Proving the the red-shirt curse had more to do with the position than the color of the uniform.

UPDATE: recent readers may have seen the post about the Phaser Rifle prop being found. I have updated that post with a video that was made promoting the prop for the auction, that includes the maker of this piece of TV history! Watch the great video below, or watch it on Youtube!

Update 4-9-13: The Phaser Rifle sold for $231,000! Here's a video:

Friday, April 5, 2013

1993 Article on Star Trek Collector Cards

The Skybox Masterpiece Series: Star Trek edition is a collection of cards with painted artwork depicting scenes from all of the incarnations of Star Trek up to that point, and much of the art was amazing. I have most of the cards, I only wish someone would release a book of the paintings in larger format, like the Star Trek "Ships of the Line" books did the calendar art. I also wouldn't mind owning a print or two from the series to frame! Today's post is from the Non-Sport Update cards magazine, published in the summer of 1993. I will be scanning and posting more of the cards in the near future.

First, the cover, a reproduction of one of the Wrath of Khan paintings, and a fine one it is...

 (Click on images to enlarge; once open, you may have to click it again to view full size.)

Below is the write-up about the cards, framed as a fictional encounter between the TOS crew and a rep of the Skybox company. Someone should have told the writer how to use stardates to indicate real-time dates. I figure that out in the early 70's when labeling my cassette tapes, as "Recorded Stardate 7405.15."

Bonus: Director Nick Meyer confers with Shatner on the set of "The Wrath of Khan," from the book "Charting the Undiscovered Country: The Making of Trek VI."

"Tell me to 'dial it back' again, Nick, and I will punch you!"

Bonus: Shatner enjoys a clinch with shapely Sherry Jackson (who played the android Andrea) in a publicity still taken during the filming of "What Are Little Girls Made Of?"

"Are you... fully functional?"

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

1977 Article: The Roddenberry Tapes

I don't know why I have neglected to post from this issue heretofore, but when I took it out of the bookcase I decided to change that immediately! Media Spotlight was a fine, if short-lived magazine, making it to only 5 issues as far as I can tell. This time, from issue #3, published March of 1977, comes an interview with the Great Bird of the Galaxy, Gene Roddenberry himself. It's interesting to see what the state of the first film was at this point from his comments.

First, a great cover that composites three separate images taken by noted celebrity photographer Gene Trindl; although the effect makes it look like they are either ghosts or trapped in interphase.

(Click on images to enlarge; once it opens you may have to click again to view full size.)
"Well, Spock... DO SOMETHING!"
Next, the article which transcribes the questions from the press and Gene's answers:

Lastly, a nice black and white image of Spock that took up the entire back cover. There is much more Trek content in this issue, and I plan on covering it all in posts to come soon.


Bonus: A moody photo of Kirk that seems to utilize the same "gobo" shadows that Jerry Finnerman was so fond of using for his filming on the bridge. This was missed in later episodes, as was his use of gels to create the colorful background washes, particularly the third season where it looked like they used office lights to film everything and everybody.

"Strangers in the night... exchanging glances..."

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Leonard Nimoy Demonstrates Magnavision LaserDisc Player

Forget Blu-Ray or watching movies on your iPad and such, for the absolute height of cutting-edge video technology, one must absorb this 1981 demonstration of the Magnavision LaserDisc Player by Leonard Nimoy! (Aside from the player, where can I get an intelligent crystal lifeform that communicates in beeps like R2-D2?)

Bonus: another YouTube video, this time from 1966 during early interviews with Shatner and Nimoy in full makeup and costume. What a find!

Bonus: another version of a familiar pose, from an early promotional photoshoot of Nimoy as Spock, taken before the production of the second pilot.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Birthday, Grace!

Happy Birthday to Grace Lee Whitney! As Janice Rand, she got a raw deal, unceremoniously booted to make room for other women in Kirk's life, but she will always be there in the earlier episodes for us to enjoy. Below, some nice photos showing the progression of her look; first, from before the series started, one of  a large number of promotional photos, this time in a costume left over from "The Cage" and featuring her with her long blonde hair let down.  View some of the earlier posts featuring Grace here, as there are more good photos.

And below, Grace as Rand as we saw her in the series, basket weave intact. Saucy!

Below, a headshot from "The Motion Picture."

Bonus link: reader Jim Fourniadis sent me this link to a Youtube video that you may get a kick out of, here it is with his message:

I thought you might enjoy. It was a promo clip for our live stage production Of The Way to Eden, and its set to Gil Scott Heron's The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.

-Jim Fourniadis

Funny! I'd like to see more of the stage production at some time. Thanks, Jim!

1978 Article: The Girls Of Star Trek

The trashy publication "Star Warp" magazine was noted for its generic spaceship paintings on the cover, the cheap paper and sloppy layout, among other detractions (traits shared by all the titles put out by by exploitation publisher Myron Fass)... but I bought it from time to time nevertheless, if it had an interesting article (like this earlier post on Nichelle Nichols). This was when the internet was hardly a dream in some tech nerd's eye, and one got a fix wherever one could. This issue was printed in June of 1978, and I bought it since it had a Star Trek article in it, and I was never one to pass up a Trek article. The article itself, on the luscious ladies of Trek, is just fine... written as it was by author Allen Asherman, a name familiar to me from other, better magazines like "Starlog" and the Star Trek Poster magazine. He must have been slumming here and needed a few extra bucks, but he sure knows his Trek. The paper is so yellow because the pulp used in it was only one grade above raw pine bark used for flower bed mulch, and has not aged well.

(Click on images to enlarge; once open you may have to click it again to view full size.)

Bonus: since a couple of the photos in the article straddled the two pages, I am presenting them to you below in their complete form.

Spock's date for the evening realized she was not going to have the same fun as her other friends.

Bonus #2: Some nice photos of several of the ladies featured in the article. Below is Angelique Pettyjohn, decked out as Shaunna in a photo that was taken after the series, as she appeared at conventions in character. Beneath that, Yvonne Craig (TV's Batgirl) as Marta.

Bonus link: Here is an artist's page that has a number of drawings of Trek women: