Sunday, February 17, 2013

Star Trek IV Plate Ad

Over the years, my name got on the mailing list of a lot of companies offering Trek items; I rarely bought the actual items, I just saved the ads. Here is one from 1994, a four-page glossy flyer for the newest plate in the Hamilton Collection, featuring a nicely-done montage from "The Voyage Home."

(Click on the images to enlarge; when the window opens, you may have to click the image again to view full-size.)

Bonus: Kirk and Shanna from "The Gamesters of Triskelion" wrestle a bit before falling into the hay.
Kirk is about to flip her over his hip and into his arms, a signature move.

And.. submitted for your speculation, without comment, this photo comparison I put together.

Update: Sometimes I look at the various places people come to the blog from, and I found out that Wil Wheaton "Wesley Crusher" himself, visited and linked to me! Cool! Here is the page where he mentioned the site:

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

1968 Article "Spock: Teenage Outcast"

Hello all, Frederick beaming back in for a quick post! I hope to be able to start posting again (more often) so check back in soon for more! I have always kept to my own personal collection for this blog, but when reader Bluejay Young, a Trekker since November '67, emailed me these scans, I knew I would make an exception. His journey into fandom began before mine, as I didn't truly discover the show til about 72, when I became a Trekker myself. This article titled "Spock: Teenage Outcast" came from the May 1968 edition of the teen mag FAVE.

The article is interesting in that it was Nimoy's response to a fan letter from a mixed-race girl that was struggling with fitting in. There is real concern and thoughtfulness in his response, and it was both interesting and compassionate; as he framed his advice in the form of telling how young Spock might have dealt with the stresses of feeling excluded from the group and being bullied. He used the fan's interest in the character, and how they related to the half-human, half-Vulcan Spock, to share some down-to-earth encouragement. The thoughts he attributed to Spock also demonstrate his ongoing interest in the development of the character, and prefigure the scenes of Spock's difficult youth and struggle with bullies and prejudice in the animated series episode "Yesteryear" and the '09 Star Trek film.


(Click on the images to enlarge; once it opens you may have to click it again to view full size)

UPDATE: Thanks to BUZZFEED for linking to this blog entry and making some great captioned images of Spock and quotes from the article!

UPDATE 2: The hits just keep on coming! This page has gone viral, as the Huffington Post site also carried the story!

Update 3: On February 27, 2015 we lost the legend that was Leonard Nimoy. This page saw over 12,000 hits over the weekend, as people found the article from various sources that republished it online. I hope that the original article serves as a memorial to the compassion and thoughtfulness of Mr. Nimoy as people continue to enjoy the archive of it here.

Bonus: Speaking of inter-racial relationships; below is a fantasy moment made real; Kirk and Uhura making out! It looks like a behind-the-scenes moment from "The Wrath Of Khan," but I'm not sure. One thing that is clear, however, is that Nichelle and Shatner were close enough to kiss on the lips at one time, and there seemed to be none of the antipathy toward Bill  that showed its head among the secondary cast later on.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Replaying the moment from "Plato's Stepchidren" was a favorite game of theirs.