Saturday, January 30, 2010

1976 article: "Shatner: Shakespeare To The Stars"

Here's another article from the first issue of Starlog, published Aug, 1976. I've already posted the cover and some memories of this landmark first issue, here, as well as an article in the post before this one. This was such an exciting issue to read, being mostly devoted to the series as it was; a great way to start off the magazine!

The photo caption above says that Shatner insisted on doing all his own fight scenes... which is true, up until the point where the director called "Cut! Stuntmen!" The stuntmen on the show are so easy to spot now, with our high-definition TVs. but back when watching it in the 70's, I never noticed them.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

1976 article: Star Trek: Past, Present and Future

Today's item from the collection cabinet is a goodie from the first issue of Starlog, published Aug, 1976. I've already posted the cover and some memories of this landmark first issue, here. Now, I begin posting the actual articles contained within, starting with one that is especially interesting in light of what all has come about since it was written.

Bonus: below, a newspaper clipping about Bill's TV movie "Indict and Convict," from 1974. You can see the old tape that holds it in my first scrapbook, which was a school notebook.

Bonus: Below, Kirk discovers that the time of captivity on Mudd's planet could be filled in some entertaining ways.

"So, you say you are both fully functional?"

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mad Spoof of "The Wrath Of Khan"

While perusing one of my collection cabinets last night, I came across this 1982 MAD magazine spoof of "The Wrath of Khan." Mort Drucker does his usual spot-on charicatures, and it's obvious that they had at least seen the movie, as the costumes and sets are pretty accurate. All in all, a well done parody! Enjoy... "Star Blecch II:The Wreck Of Korn!"

(Click on images to enlarge.)

And below, one of Don Martin's hilarious cartoons, spotlighting the sexy new addition to the crew! There is something different about her...

Bonus: Below, another of the randomly-captioned Leaf bubblegum cards from 1967.

Bonus: a couple of panties shots from "The Gamesters of Triskelion," in which our lovely communications officer finds herself unceremoniously dumped onto the ground after a sudden transport. Her bad luck is our good luck, however. You could almost call this set of photos "A Day At The Beach."

Speaking of Nyota sunbathing, here's a tantalising comic panel...

Want to see the whole sequence of pages from this scene? Let me know!

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Monster Times Trek Special #1: continued

The old collection cabinet doors swing open this time to present more material from "The Monster Times" Star Trek special, published in 1973. I recently posted the first article from it here: ST special #1 post and now I'm bringing you some more. Aren't I just the nicest person you know?
(Click on images to view larger.)

It's interesting to read that even as far back as 1973 that Trek was being considered as a movie, and that Gene was wanting to out-do "2001: A Space Odyssey," a goal he apparently held onto even into the late 70's when he finally made the movie... without taking into account the need for some action as demonstrated by the success of Star Wars. Heaven knows ST:TMP could have used some.

Below, from the same issue, another of the trivia question articles, "So You Think You Know Star Trek?" Well, do ya... punk? Do you feel lucky? Then see if you can answer most of them right!

Below, two more of the colorized black and white pinups from the magazine. Since the magazine only used two colors per issue, any photos that were color were done using as many mixtures of the two shades as they could come up with.

"William Shatner, beware my sword!"

Of course this one was my favorite.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

When Capt. Kirk Saved Oddjob's Life!

This time, we have a short article about an incident that occured during the filming of Shatner's cheapie flick "Impulse." Our hero! Found in the June 1977 issue of the magazine TV's Dynamic Heroes.
(Click on images to enlarge.)

I've posted an article on "Impulse" before, go here to read it. To see the newspaper movie ad for this film, go here to my other blog "Held Over!"

Bonus: below, an ad that Nimoy did in the early 80's for a telescope company. Really, who better as a spokesperson for such a product? It's only logical.

And below, a beautiful piece of promotional art by artist Keith Birdsong, for the card set that he contributed to in the 90's. Excellent work!

And finally, below is another of the incredible works by Ralph Fowler, from an issue of Enterprise Incidents. Yet another example of his attention to detail and interesting alien architectural designs. Ralph often drew scenes that surpassed the TV budget of the show and took it into movie scope.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

1983 Videogaming Illustrated article

I bring out of the collection cabinets this time, a June 1983 issue of Videogaming Illustrated with a couple of nice Trek-related articles. Enjoy!

(Click on images to enlarge.)

A nice cover painting above, reversed image notwithstanding.

Below, an introductory editorial page written by special guest Walter Koenig, aka "Screamin' Chekov."

Below we have the first article on the (then) state of the art Trek videogames.

The second page of this article is a pleasant surprise, featuring some rare behind-the-scenes photos of ST:TMP's special effect creations.

Next, another article from the same issue, this time looking at the various fictional computers found on the show and movies.

Bonus: Below, a cartoon scanned from an issue of "Enterprise Incidents." Turns out Spock wasn't that different from a human kid, after all.

Monday, January 18, 2010

1979 "Bananas" article on ST:TMP

From the collection cabinet this time we take out issue #33 of the Scholastic Books teen publication "Bananas," published in fall of 1979, which spotlighted the upcoming "Star Trek: The Motion Picture."
(Click on images to enlarge.)

Bonus: another of my photo humor pieces hopefully good for a chuckle or chortle.

Bonus #2: another of the crazily-captioned 1967 Leaf cards. It must have been fun to just make up stupid captions like they did!

Update: since the photo of the transporter accident spawned some discussion in the comments, I just had to post this cartoon dealing with the subject!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Leonard Nimoy's Life In Pictures

(Click on images to view larger.)

Same story as the last post: this article was scanned from a reprint in #4 of Enterprise Incidents, and was originally from a 1967 movie-tv fan magazine.

Bonus: Below, we see Bill tucking in his slave shirt... or is he adjusting his package for the cameras? You decide!

If he had to die in gladitorial combat on TV, at least he would make a good impression.