Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nimoy Looks Back at Star Trek 3

From issue #106 of Starlog, published May, 1986, we find this look back at "The Search For Spock" with a critique of the film in retrospect by director Leonard Nimoy.

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Below: from the same issue, a photo of Nimoy from page 74, the last page of the magazine with a regular feature called "Liner Notes."

Bonus: from the same issue, an ad for the upcoming 20th Anniversary convention. Hard to believe we have passed the 45th anniversary already. And sad to see how many of the stars are no longer with us.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Alexander Courage: The Music of Trek

From the pages of Starlog #107, published June 1986, comes this article on Star Trek's first composer, Alexander Courage. Courage set the tone for the series as other great composers contributed their talent, and left his indelible mark on it from beginning to end.

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Over the years Courage's memory (or other people)may have substituted the phrase "Venus Dance" for what was originally "Vina's Dance," but the title still fits as she could have been a green goddess of love. The article mentions Neil Norman's efforts at getting some of the original series music released on LP, for which I, and many other fans, were eternally grateful. This music deserves to be heard on its own, unedited for timing and such. It's truly some of the best music written for television, and remains memorable today!

Gene's Walk Of Fame Star

From issue #104 of the venerable Starlog magazine, published in March of 1986, comes this page on the ceremony to present Gene with his star on the Hollywood "Walk Of Fame."

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Bonus: Below, an absolutely stunning photo of Nichelle, testing makeup and hairstyle. A classic beauty, and a rare photo that I was thrilled to find online at

Monday, February 6, 2012

Nimoy On Tour-1976

From August 1976, issue #4 of the "All About Star Trek Fan Clubs Magazine," a fun fan publication that found national distribution, comes this interview with Leonard Nimoy with some candid photos taken as he spoke at a college in New Jersey in February of that year. Note the wild scarf he is wearing! First, the cover...

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Also from the same issue comes this two-page spread of photos snapped during the fondly-remembered New York Star Trek '76 Con, taken January 1976.

Bonus: Seldom-seen series of photos of Nimoy in Spock makeup.

Now, if you were one of the creators of this magazine, or a contributor, please don't be offended by my labeling of it as "amateurish." This simply means as opposed to professional, but it is obviously a labor of love by fans, and for that it is enjoyable. If anyone feels I have wronged someone by this impartial observation, feel free to comment. If I didn't think the content was worth reproducing here, I wouldn't do it. On the contrary, it offers a view of the show and its cast and creators that the more professional magazines may not have had... and an excitement. So more power to them for getting the opportunity to connect with fans like us across the country! It might not have been as slick as Starlog and other contemporary publications, but what it lacked in style it made up for in enthusiasm for the subject matter.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Uhura's Panties

I know, I've posted individual images from this scene before, but here are some choice shots all together in one image for your enjoyment. You can never see too much of Uhura's panties, and this was one of the most revealing scenes in the whole series! From the teaser for "The Gamesters Of Triskelion."

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Below, another sweet view, this time from the beginning of "Tomorrow Is Yesterday." Spock gave Uhura a wedgie as he somewhat brusquely helps her to her feet after they were tossed about by the accidental slingshot effect. From this shot it appears that Nichelle wore actual white panties under the uniform ones. A cheeky shot, for sure!

(Click for the full-size image!)What would have really happened if the '09 film events took place in TOS:
"I had to nerve pinch her. She tried to kiss me in the turbolift!"

UPDATE: just to keep these all on the same page, here are some more photos that I posted more recently, of Uhura showing more cheek than usual from "Balance of Terror."