Wednesday, November 28, 2018

More Nichelle Photos Surface!

Anyone that has a passing familiarity with this blog knows about my fixation (some would call it obsession) with Uhura, as played by Nichelle Nichols. So, when previously unseen photos are brought to light, it is cause for rejoicing on my part! (At least, they are new to me.) Here are a few more, the first a stunning one catching her exiting her home and striking a pose... followed by several taken before her Trek days, when she was focusing on her singing and dancing. A perfect example of striking beauty, grace and style!

(To view full size, click on each image, and once it opens, you might need to click once more to magnify.)

These wonderful pics below were taken at Minneapolis.

To see more pics of the lovely Nichelle, many of them new or rare, click here for the "Uhura" tag that will link you to many more posts!

BONUS: Not to neglect the other beauty on the show, here is a rare photo of Grace Lee Whitney on the set as Janice Rand, in a pose calculated to show her legs to the best advantage! (How come all those ladders on the sets only ever go up?)