Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Star Trek: The Motion Picture color movie ad

It was two weeks away from the movie premiere in December of 1979, and this full-color, full-page ad in the Parade Magazine was like an early Christmas!

I debated whether to put this on this blog, or on my movie ad blog, "Held Over!" but in the end I decided it fit better here. I'll be posting more articles and items that capture some of the excitement of the looming premiere that we fans experienced on the special holiday season.

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Charles said...

Thanks for the memories, and all your work on this blog. My own experience mirrors yours in many ways. I think I kept this same Parade mag. cover in fact! I recall buying some plastic laminate adhesive that I stuck on it in hopes of preserving it for the ages lol. (As you recall, the Parade magazine was printed on newsprint like thin paper.)

Thanks again. (I found your blog due to the link on trekmovie.com, congrats on that.)