Friday, October 22, 2010

"The Search For Spock" Press Kit Pics

Where ever I lived at the time, I made it a point to get in good with the person at the local newspaper who handled the entertainment section and received the movie press kits. I was fortunate to be able to get quite a few press kits for various genre movies when they were finished with them, as most were thrown out later. Here are a few from the "Search For Spock" press kit package, I'll post more from this and others as time goes by. Beneath each one is the card stuck to the back that described the photos.
(Click on images to enlarge.)

On a personal note, I apologise for the lack of recent posts; but it's getting into the holiday season and my mail order business is getting very busy and taking up more time than usual (no, it's not Trek-related.) I'll try to post more soon, though, as often as I can!


Rob Bignell said...

Interesting how Spock/Nimoy was left out of the promotional pics - I suppose they wanted to keep up the suspense of whether or not he would be found (though the movie poster prominently displays him at the center). I'd also have though they'd added Saavik/Robin Curtis to the promo pics as she played an important role in the movie.

No need to apologize on the lack of posts - it's great to see your business is doing so well. It was starting to feel an awful lot like no Trek in the 1970s, though!

Frederick said...

They did feature Curtis in at least one of the pics, I just haven't posted that one yet. More coming soon, till all from that set are posted.

It's nice to be missed, though! :)