Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Star Trek Aliens Coloring Book

On a lighter note this time, I'm featuring some select pages from a coloring book that features (mostly) the Star Trek aliens. This was published in 1986, and, although the interior artwork by Paul Abrams is passable, with decent facial features, the artist clearly was not familiar with Trek lore or designs, and was only working from a few isolated photos; much like the artist on the Gold Key comics in the early days. But if they were working from reference photos, how do you account for the strange looking alien on the cover that is "supposed" to be a spying Klingon (who looks like Lorne Greene), but is sporting rounded bumps on either side of his head? Oh, well, it's just for kids, who's gonna notice? (Says the artist.) T'Lar seems a bit taken aback by it, though... either that, or she's totally checking out his butt.
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"Oh, Bill, I've found your hairpiece, do you mind not leaving it lying around?"

I know that if you have any vintage Star Trek coloring books you are not going to let your kids color in them. So, print out these pages and hand them out to the kids with your blessing!

Below, a nice group shot, based on the familiar publicity photo we all know and love. So far, so good...

But below the lack of familiarity with the show manifests itself as a purely imaginary picture of Spock's father and mother. But you have to admit, his mother really is a hottie! And with a dad that looks like a cocky and confident Vulcan Sean Connery, a Spock from this background would have probably been portrayed by a super-cool and swinging James Coburn (click here for my interpretation of how this would have played out; I've always thought Coburn would have made an excellent Vulcan). Coburn's super agent Flint had a similar nerve pinch, too. By the way, did you know that Spock's half-brother Sybok was originally supposed to be played by Sean Connery? Tru dat! Man, I got off on a tangent there...

"He always liked Sybok better than me. I think it's because of the beard."

He's blue, and worried, because he's missing an antenna. Since he's subtly pointing to his thigh, it's possible that he wants you to search his pants for it.

Mr. Chekov brandishing... something. A squirt gun? A futuristic stapler? One thing's for certain, it sure ain't no phaser. Pavel was getting into his new position in Security, so color his shirt red, for much blood, pain and screaming.

"Hey, Uhura! I think I've found a cure for PMS!"

"Please deposit 50 cents for one more minute, Doctor."

Rubber gloves donned, the crew braces for the mess they have to clean up from the captain's sick targ.

"Who took my burlap sack? I'm naked and it's freezing on this blasted ship! And would it kill ya to leave a little salt scattered around?"

"Yo inna heap o' trouble, bo-ah!"

Below, the cat may be giant, but why is the table leg also giant? It seems the artist thought that Kirk had been shrunk. Again, nitpicking on a kid's coloring book. I almost feel like a bully doing it.

"And hurry the **** up about it, you sotted Scot!"

Below, a couple more pages that feature Uhura, but the facial resemblance is not that great, neither is the body type accurate. She looks more like agent Lana Kane from the cartoon series "Archer." But that's okay, because she is made of total hotness also.

"I just love stroking Bill's hairpiece. Listen , it's purring!"

"I just know this planet is going to have some great stores for shopping!"


marciamarciamarcia said...

Those are awesome; thanks for sharing!

marciamarciamarcia said...

P.S. The "Gorn" always cracked up me, my siblings & cousins because it's my grandfather's last name! :-)

Frederick said...

Thanks for commenting! I bet you did get a laugh out of the Gorn's name! BTW, I love your blogs.

pat said...

these are very nice, as a collectable anyway , the art is not that good!
I would give anything to have the opportunity to produce some art for an official Trek product!

Frederick said...

I know, right? There are lots of fnas who would like to get a crack at something like this, and it goes to an in-house artist who knows nothing of the subject matter. Life is not fair.

Rob Bignell said...

I printed out the pages for my four-year-old to color as suggested. When he got to the Gorn, he found his Gorn action figure (which he knows is called a Gorn), compared the two with a confused look on his face, then brought the printout back to me and said, "Daddy, what's this alien called?"

Frederick said...


Funny! It's a shame when a four-year-old knows what a Gorn looks like better than the artist whose job was to draw one!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the coloring sheets! My boys will love them.

marciamarciamarcia said...

I could tell you what a real Gorn looks like but it would probably give you nightmares.

Jackie T said...

Love the article, as always. But sorry, I have to disagree with you. Spock's father looks JUST like Charlton Heston. Don't you think?

Frederick said...


I see it!

I think it's the beard; it makes it look like anyone that wears a beard, and functions like an inkblot. Everyone sees someone different! Anybody else see somebody besides these?

marciamarciamarcia said...

I see Peter O'Toole from "The Lion in Winter" (ignoring the eyebrows, of course).

BTW, have you noticed how Spock seems to be glancing dubiously at his father, as if he actually doubts that man is his father?

Anonymous said...

Can you believe Paramount licensing actually APPROVED this!

John. said...

In the Spock and parents picture I can see the reverse print which is Kirk kissing Uhura. Can you scan and post this one please.